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Nabbit, New Super Mario Bros. U
SSB Mario Series
Availability Downloadable
Series Super Mario Bros.
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. U (2012)
Home Stage Mushroom Kingdom U
Final Smash Unstoppable Thief


Nabbit is a recurring character that first appeared as an enemy in New Super Mario Bros. U and a playable character in New Super Luigi U. The name "Nabbit" is a play on the words "nab" and "rabbit". Nabbit is a thief who steals items from Toad Houses and runs away with them in his bag. He appears to be a purple rabbit with round eyes, long ears, and black limbs. He also wears a white handkerchief with a drawing of a large mouth with sharpened teeth, similar to Bowser Jr.'s mask, as well as orange shoes and white gloves.
Source: Mario Wiki


- : Nab Grab - TBA (TBA)

> : Mushroom Snatch-  TBA (TBA)

^ : Gliding Bag -  TBA (TBA)

v : Boo Burglar -  TBA (TBA)

F : Unstoppable Thief -  TBA (TBA)

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