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Nabbit is an Unlockable character in SSBG. He is from the Year of Luigi series.



B- Steal

Side B- Fire Flower

Up B- Flutter Jump

Down B- Item Pick

Custom Moves

CB1- Triple Thief (Can store 3 items, but will not stay long)

CB2- Long Thief (Item stays longer, but less affect)

SCB1- Ice Flower (Freezes foes)

SCB2- Boomerang Flower (Throws boomerangs)

UCB1- FlutterSpin (Does more damage, goes lower)

UCB2- FlutterBounce (Does less damage for better heights)

DBC1- Random Item (Spwans a Random Item)

DBC2- Slow Item (Let's user pick Item slower)

Final Smash- Giga Strike- If Nabbit steals from Bowser or DK latest)

Inferno Strike- If Nabbit steals from Mario or Captain Toad latest)

Freeze Strike- If Nabbit steals from Yoshi or Peach latest)

Tanooki Strike- If Nabbit steals from Luigi or Daisy latest)

Mecha Strike- If Nabbit hasn't stolen from any of the above characters)

How to Unlock

How to Unlock 1#

Play 30 matches.

How to Unlock 2#

Reach the 30th floor on Quest mode.


  • Nabbit was the first character announced for the Year of Luigi series, excluding Luigi himself.
  • Nabbit is the only character to have multiple Final Smash.

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