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Nabbit Steals the Compation! Nabbit mkaes an appearence as a new fighter in Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel. He is the 2nd fastest fighter after Sonic. His attacks involve items and enimies from New Super Mario Bros. U.


B: Nab!: Nabbit swipes his bag in front of him, picking up any item in front of him. It's similar to Villager's pocket move. If an opponent is in front of him, he will put him/her in his bag and start shaking it, right before the bag unties and they're launched.
Side B: Item Spill: Nabbit opens his bag and all of the items spill out! If caught in the items, you will be carried until the items stop moving. The items all get sucked back into the bag.
Up B: Teleport: Nabbit teleports in the direction you make with your control stick.
Down B: Spiny: Nabbit pulls out a spiny shell and can press A to throw it.
Final Smash: Bob-Omb Bombard: Nabbit will jump on a spring and lands on a platform high above the stage. You can press A to throw a Bob-Omb downward.

Pallette Swaps

Purple- Normal
Orange- Based off the orange Nabbit sprite
Red- Based off the Mushroom
Blue- Based off the Mini-Mushroom
Green- Based off the 1-Up Mushroom
White- Based off the P-Acorn
Yellow- Based off the Starman
Pink- Based off Peach's dress
Black- Based off Morton Koopa
Cyan: Based off the outside of the ice flower


Up Taunt- Holds up a P-Acorn
Side Taunt- Spins around, causing him to fall down
Down Taunt- Nabbit rips his mask off, revealing another mask

Victory Theme

Overworld Theme - New Super Mario Bros02:56

Overworld Theme - New Super Mario Bros. U

Theme up until 0:04

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