Nabbits Treasure Room

Nabbit's Treasure Room is a course that appears in Mario Kart 9th. It is the second course of the Flower Cup.


You start in front of the large platforms filled with pillars that you have to dodge. There are many items boxes on here. You then have the choice to go left or right and end up on another platform with Thwomps on them that you have to dodge. Both roads meets up again and you drive over a bridge and enter the temple. You make two right turns with item boxes on the second one. You make another left turn and enter the actua treasure room. You drive to the end of the room and go into anti-gravity and drive on the wall. You continue driving up, straight forwards again, and then down again and to the side again. You then drive a half circle on the wall until you go out of anti-gravity again. You then cross a bridge, or you go to the side and paraglide across the bridge. You land, go right and cross the finish line. During the second lap the bridge begins to shake and in the third lap there isn't a bridge and you are forced to take a paraglide ramp.


The course is set high in the air in a temple. The stones are very old. The first platform is filled with pillars and has a roof above it. The two after that not. The bridge is similar to the one in DK Mountain. The temple design itself resembles a Roman one and has the numbers: XII-XVIII-MMXII which in Roman is the Japanese release date of New Super Mario Bros. U, Nabbit's first appearance. You go through a gate into the treasure room. There are mountain of money, gold and other treasure (including P-Acorns and Lucky Bells) in there. At the half circle a giant golden statue of Nabbit is located. If one is fast (or slow) enough they can see a giant Banzai Bill crash into the last bridge, destroying it. 


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