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About Us

N-Tendo is owned and founded by Metroidfan01 and has partnered with Nintendo, Fantendo, and Jet, Inc. Over the years, Metroidfan01 has created the Ybrik Series, a parody of the Kirby Series. He has also created the Nintendo Wristshot.


Ybrik Series (Nintendo Wristshot)

Super Ybrik (Released)

Super Ybrik 2: Quest for the Stars (To be Released)

Ybrik Kart (To be Released)

Kard Battles Series (Nintendo Wristshot)

Kard Battles (To be Released)


Metroidfan01: President/Founder

Peanutjon: Vice President

McQueenMario: Vice President's Assistant

Hemu: Game Designer

Position Open: Artist

Position Open: Game Designer

For information on positions contact Metroidfan01, Please note I hold the right to Hire/Fire Anyone --Metroidfan01 20:24, November 14, 2009 (UTC)

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