NULL Neutral
190 lbs
Immortally 25 years old Iconoclast, Herald, Catalyst, Terran Beorn
POWERS Time Warping, Dimensional Portals, Blood-Bending, Inversion, Astral Projection, Lightning Conduction, Water Generation, Shape-shifting, Power Copying
BIRTHDAY November 15th









NULL is a lab experiment that has been through horrific amounts of gene-splicing from an unknown organization. NULL is so unsure of what they're capable of or what they even look like that they are incredibly frightened when forced into battles. Despite it's vast amounts of powers, the organization keeps NULL at bay with a kill switch.


NULL vastly changes their appearance frequently, often with traits of people it has met recently. It has a vast array of abilities that are incorrectly spliced, often triggering visual changes when it uses a power.

When it uses the power of Solar Flare, it's powers of shapeshifting are disabled for 24 Hours. During this time, NULL reverts to their base form, which reveals that it is a female with various "organic wires" running through it's whole body, from it's stomach to arms to legs. It also has a "tail" which is actually another organic wire that was disconnected and can be plugged into specialized ports. It has yellow-white hair with two red organic spikes sticking out it's hair. It has fangs and it has two different eye colors: green on their right eye, yellow on their left eye. It wears a short choppy poncho of sorts around its shoulders and has a green and brown jumpsuit. It's legs have been severely modified, resembling more of a bird's and only has three toes.


NULL is afraid and scared of just about everybody, which comes off as rather ironic considering their vast powers that everyone else is afraid of. If shown the slightest bit of compassion, NULL immediately gets clingy. NULL is often forced to fight, which causes them to scream and lash out in dangerous ways as it is told it will die if it doesn't.

NULL is often seeing as neurotic when it is not fighting, and hardly ever lashes out due to their immense power. After using a Solar Flare, NULL is depicted as being extremely tired, slowly gaining more energy over time but after a Solar Flare NULL will usually curl up into a ball and take a nap.

NULL isn't talkative at all, and is depicted as completely uneducated in everything; they don't understand many concepts such as language and math.


When fighting NULL, generally the idea is to survive as opposed to beating NULL, attempting to gaud her into using the Solar Flare. Another idea to fighting NULL is to make her go into her EXA Form, as her immense power combined with the EX Power will actually damage her by overdose of EX Energy. Another idea is to let her use a full set of Galvan Armor- while the power is immense, the strain on her body will completely exhaust her similar to her Solar Flare, although this doesn't take her as long to recover from.

Due to NULL's copying of powers, she often doesn't know how to use them, which can also be an advantage. While she does have atom-level precision with a blade similar to Crow, it doesn't mean that she's better at Crow at using a blade. It's also worth noting that NULL does not know how unlock sealed powers despite having the capability of doing so.

Although she is beyond deity-level in strength, she is not a deity herself and thus is not effected by the Descension Ability- interestingly enough, Ascending her would theoretically weaken her abilities and could lead to stripping her powers entirely when followed up with a Descension. As no Fantendoverse character has been seen with the Ascension ability yet, this isn't even a possible, viable strategy, but theoretically it might work.

NULL is also vulnerable to disease, although her body is able to kill most viruses very quickly, making this a somewhat bad strategy unless someone were to attack her with major power scaled during her moment of weakness. In theory, if she was given cancer or another longer and incurable disease, her body would be spending it's time fighting it off and make her somewhat weaker to heal.


NULL was apparently born in Russia, but beyond that they cannot remember anything else. They are held captive currently in a prison in the cold mountains of the Himalayas.

Powers and Abilities

NULL has a vast array of powers, so many that nobody is aware of the full extent of them. They are currently cataloged with:

  • Time-Traveling and Time-Bending
  • Portal Creation
  • Power Sealing and Power Unsealing
  • Shape-Shifting
  • Inversion
  • Power-Copying
  • Electrokinesis
  • Red Energy
  • Blue Energy
  • Bloodblending
  • Able to hold a full Galvan Armor set
  • Light Magic
  • Dark Magic
  • Consciousness Transferring
  • Astral Projecting
  • Flight
  • Heat Vision
  • Freeze Breath
  • Solar Flare (will burn out powers for 24 hours)
  • Entering Circuitry
  • Shrinking and Growing in size
  • Self-Healing
  • Phantom Sight
  • Telekinetic Powers
  • EX Energy
  • Atom-Level Precision with Blade

Notably, they cannot copy the Descension or Ascension abilities. It has the unique ability of Solar Flare, a powerful move that will devastate every particle around it within a certain area. This burns out of it's powers for a 24 hour period and reverts them to their base form. Additionally, while they can channel Red and Blue energy, it is only once at a time since having both powers out would just cancel the other one out.


NULL has a couple of forms they can tap into during battle; these forms are based off other forms it has copied. NULL can tap into these forms to take on specific, powerful opponents. She seems to take on her original appearance when using these forms.


EXA NULL is the name of NULL's EX Energy focused form. This doesn't really radically change her appearance compared to her other forms, but allows her to tap and fully draw out the EX Energy powers she has. EXA NULL now can inhale in her foes, although her inherent neurotic nature prevents her from actually eating them. She also can copy abilities this way. She becomes vastly stronger against those weak to EX Energy, although due to her immense power already stored inside of her, this is more of a concentrated form that only makes her about a foot taller, although she floats off the ground about five more feet, giving the sense she is much more "bigger" in terms of power. A red aura surrounds her when using EX Energy abilities, putting strain on her as the EX Energy strangles her body.

While incredibly powerful, it is also the form that puts the most strain on her body, pratically crushing her muscles as she uses her powers. Her appearance is slightly altered in this form, having four sticking up strands of hair, as well as a wavy, floating appearance to her hair and body overall as she floats five feet up in the air. She also gains a collar, some spikes across her gauntlets, and a couple of color changes.

Second Form NULL

Second Form NULL is the name of the form that NULL obtained upon scanning Quartz' Second Form, obtaining the ability to obtain a form similar to it. The Second Form boosts NULL's inherent abilities, although only in size and speed. It is nowhere near as advanced of a form as her Hyper Mode form, and comes with the drawback of making her unable to stop fighting unless she is knocked out, something she becomes horrified when realizing what it's doing to her. As a trade-off though, NULL can automatically dodge projectiles when at a standstill. While nowhere near the strain of her EX Energy form, it is not preferable to NULL to use, although she may use it when dealing with a opponent that has similar abilities to her and a edge over them, as the Second Form's abilities are helpful in landing hits and avoiding damage.

Visually, this form is vastly different, giving her hair a almost catlike appear and appears thinner overall. She also gains a black earring on the left cat ear. She wears a Egyptian-styled collar around her neck and a loin cloth, as well as baggy white pants. Much of her black attire is traded in for a lighter color and she has a diamond theme on her shirt and loin cloth.

Hyper Mode NULL

Hyper Mode NULL is the name of NULL's Hyper Mode form, which she can only access by using her specialized Hyper Mode Orb. As such, it's not always accessible by NULL, and due to her immense power already, may be one of her rarer forms to use, although by far her most powerful. In Hyper Mode, NULL doesn't just get boosted attacks, but specialized, far more damaging variations of her attacks. Her Solar Flare becomes a Rainbow Flare, which utilizes most of her abilities at once and can destroy a planet. Like Solar Flare, Rainbow Flare makes her temporarily loose her powers and even drains the Hyper Mode orb out of all it's energy, requiring 72 Hours to regain it's energy. As such, it would be impossible for multiple NULLs to use the same Hyper Mode orb after NULL exhausted it. NULL becomes absolutely maniacal in this form, becoming extremely agressive even outside of battle and becoming obsessed with gaining even more powers.

Like EXA NULL, Hyper Mode Null gains four sticking up strands of hair, although her hair becomes much more wild and untamed. Her body suit becomes a dress, with the Hyper Mode Orb above her chest as a bunch of lights go down her dress. She also becomes vaguely phoenix-like, with glowing talons and wings. Her tail also grows spikes across it.


Rendered NULL

NULL will be the primary antagonist of Rendered NULL as the story revolves around trying to defeat her.

World Tournament


None available at the moment.



  • Supposedly NULL's true form only appears when it uses Solar Flare.
  • NULL was inspired by Type:Null and a game that Sr.Wario currently only has in his Lapis sandbox called Fantendo - Prime.