This is the first issue of the Fandemonium arc.

FANDEMONIUM: Part 1 of 5. The Invitation. - Nightwolf gets a letter in the mail stating that he is eligible to win a mansion in a far-off valley. Nightwolf decides to sign the paper and mail it out to the senders so he can have an alternate home in case something happens to this one. In 4 days time, he gets a letter back telling him he won the contest. It also says he has to come to the mansion so he can be introduced to all the cool rooms there are. It also says he must come or he won't get the mansion. It ALSO says to come alone. He decides to go...

Shadowed Minds, Part 1 - This is a rather mysterious mini-story showing a dark room. Various people in coats are walking around a table. Screens cover the wall, showing a large mansion.

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