Not just any ordinary Troopa (shortened as NJAOT) is a TV show that starts the NJAOT series. It is made by Brandon Jay Dick (tbc). It will have many seasons and many episodes, so many that not even you or me can predict them.


The plot is where a Koopa, whose real name is unknown, is the main protagonist of the series and is one of Bowser's minions. His mission is to take out Mario, while seeing him as just an ordinary Koopa, this turtle has skills of a Koopa Bro.. With the Koopa on Bowser's side, will Mario even get close to beating Bowser yet again?


Image Character Episode No. Debut Season appearances
QuestionBlockSM3DW Koopa S1: 01: Recruiting Season 1


Image Character Episode No. Debut Season appearances
MushroomMK9 Mushroom S1: 02: Item Legacy Season 1




  • TBA

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