Developer(s) Fantasize Studios/Sprak Co
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release Date(s)
Summer 2000
Grand Prix, Nitro Run
Age Rating(s)
ERating  3Rating  USK6  OFLC-G  CERO A
Genre(s) Racing, fighting
Media Included N64 Cartridge

NITROS is a 2000 racing/fighting game for the Nintendo 64, and Fantasize Studios' first game. It was also partially developed by Spark Co.


In the not-too-distant future, a new type of racing has be invented- the Nitro Run. 16 robotic warriors built to hover over rough terrain and use their weapons to beat each other down are pit against each other in the grandest races. However, when being transported to their next race, the World Cup team's transport ship crashes onto an uncharted tropic world. Using only their programmed instincts, they race to a strange structure that they seem drawn to.



  • R: Accelerate
  • D-Pad/Analog Stick: Steer
  • L: Brakes
  • C buttons: Attack (attack will be directed in direction of C button used)
  • A: Jump
  • B: Boost


The gameplay combines fighting with racing in unique ways. You choose 1 of 16 racers (12 default, 4 unlockables), each in one of 4 classes with a unique weapon. Such weapons include swords, axes, blasters, and more. Each race goes through 3 laps before ending, with each race having 12 racers. There is also a Time Trial mode where you can test your best time against developer ghosts or your own past records.

Types and Stats

DangerousVery HighVery LowHighLow
ArmoredVery LowVery HighLowHigh
FastAverageLowVery HighLow
SafeAverageHighLowVery High


Name Type Description How to Unlock
Shinkei-01 Dangerous Shinkei-01 is a first-generation attack-racer developed in Japan. His dual Turbine Swords increase in strength as he rushes! Starter
Sheriff Dangerous Sheriff was designed in the USA, and uses his Magma Shotgun to shoot down rapscallions. He values justice above all else. Starter
Odin Dangerous Odin, designed in Norway, is a strong and burly fighter who will stop at nothing to win! He uses his Blizzard Axe to wreck his enemies. Starter
ZE-U5 Dangerous ZE-U5 is a fifth-gen Omega Corp. racer made in Greece who is a natural leader. He uses his Lightning Scepter to shock any mere mortal 'bots. Win in 1st as Shinkei-01
Infurnace Armored Powered by the strongest flames, this German racer will use his Hammer of Inferno to burn away the completion! Infurnace may be an armored titan, but inside that chassis is a softie. Starter
P0-Lar Armored Once an experimental racer made for the cold in Antarctica, P0-Lar is cold and unforgiving. He needs no weapon except for his Icicle Claws to turn a race into a robot's nightmare. Starter
Conquest-R Armored Designed in Spain, Conquest-R may be a bit cowardly, but he will dominate the race with his strength! His Blade of Gold may be weak, but it can slice through nearly anything in his way. Starter
Red Giant Armored Red Giant is a mysterious, huge, and quirky racer with a a heart of gold seemingly designed on Mars! He uses his Moon Flail to smash through other racers in his way. Win in 1st as Infurnace


Name Description How to Unlock
Tropic Trouble A large, alien-ish field with tropic elements. Watch out for natural spikes and toxic ooze. Starter
Inferno Inclines A huge mountain path that overlooks the fields. Be careful- the mountains may just erupt into volcanos! Starter
Stormy Sea An ocean in the middle of a wild storm, with a track made of icebergs. Don't fall in the water- it'll set you back a long while! Starter
Gearhead Gyro A huge circular track that tilts from side to side, seemingly abandoned. Just be careful of other racers and you'll be good. Starter
Behemoth Beacon The mysterious Beacon has opened, and it's full of twists and turns! Watch out for spikes and electric orbs bouncing around! Win a full cup, always winning in 1st place}}

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