NEW! Super Mario 3D World is the third game in Super Mario 3D series.


Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad are having a picnic in a lawn when a Sprixie comes and Bowser kidnaps her and goes to Fairy World. But Fairy World is next to Subcon...


In this game you can play with 6 characters. Each one presents some skills

Mario is a balanced character. SPEED: 2/3 JUMP: 2/3 TRACTION: 2/3

Luigi is an high jumper character. SPEED: 2/3 JUMP: 3/3 TRACTION: 1/3

Peach is a flutter character. She is the easiest character in the game. SPEED: 1/3 JUMP: 2/3 TRACTION: 2/3

Toad is a quick runner character. He's the hardest character in the game. SPEED: 3/3 JUMP: 1/3 TRACTION: 2/3

Rosalina is a character who can do a Star Spin. SPEED: 2/3 JUMP: 2/3 TRACTION: 3/3

Captain Toad is playable only in Captain Toad's Quests. He can't jump SPEED: 1/3 JUMP: 0/3 TRACTION: 3/3


This game feature a lot of power-up, a large part of this is from Super Mario 3D series. Power-up


This is the first 3D game with a Fortress, a Castle and a Vehicle (Airship or Train). In the Fortresses there are Boom Boom, Pom Pom or Kamek, in Castles there are new bosses and Bowser Jr., in the Ships there are Koopalings.

References from other games

Super Mario Bros.: Kamek transforms Goombas in Buzzy Beetle. In SMB, if you finish the game, Goombas become Buzzy Beetle

Super Mario Bros. 2: There are Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad playable. This game is set in Fairy World and in Subcon

Super Mario Bros. 3: Hammer and Frog Suit are from this game. There is Golden Ship returning from this game.

Super Mario World: Yoshi, Chargin' Chuck and Galoomba're from this game. Bowser Jr. uses a Clown Koopa Car. Koopa becomes Koopa Beach if you jump on one of this.

New Super Mario Bros.: Multiplayer Battles are from this game.

Super Mario Galaxy series: there are Rosalina, Green Stars and a lot of enemies from this game.

Super Mario 3D series: this game is the third game in this series so there're a lot of characteristics like this game, especially from SM3DW.


For the second time in a 3D game, Yoshi is playable. Different power-ups change Yoshi color. Yoshies has abilities like the power-ups (for example Red Yoshi can shoot fire etc...)