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The NES U is the sequel to the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES U was released by Nintendo in 2015. It was Nintendos next console after the Wii U. The NES U rivaled Sony PlayStation V, Microsoft's XBOX Next, Steam's Steam Boxes and the OUYA2 . The NESU was a commercial success unlike its predeccesor the Wii U. Nintendo started selling original NES games in disc form which are compatiable with the NES U, You could also plug in a cartridge adaptor in the back of the console (£19.99)

NES U Mockup1

NES U (White)

Many Games have been released for the NES U, Some of the most popular being:

- Grand Theft Auto 6

- Super Mario Bros (NES Original)

- NEW. Super Mario Bros NES U

- Time of Zelda

- The Adventures of PACMAN

The NES U controller resembles that of the design of the NES and the shape of the GameCube.

Variations of the NES U


NES U Console 20GB White, One NES U Controller, Power Cable, HDMI, One Month Free Nintendo Network Plus,  Price : £239.99  -  Bundle : £269.99


NES U Console 60 GB Grey, Black or White, One NES U Controller, One Original NES Controller, Power Cable, HDMI, Super Mario Bros (NES Original) and Donkey Kong (NES Original), One Month NN Plus Price : £259.99  -  Bundle : £279.99


NES U Console 120 GB Grey, Silver, Gold, Black, White, Two NES U Controllers, Power Cable, HDMI, Premium Member Package (Feautures: 11 Arcade Games and 2 NES U Games), Two Month Free Nintendo Network Plus. Price : £299.99  -  Bundle : £349.99


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