NES Mario (or Super Mario) is the fourth challenge of TerrorMario! Deluxe, he is unlocked after you beat Waluigi challenge. His set of minigames are based on classic NES games.


  1. Mario Bros.: Kick the Shellcreeper's Shell before he gets up!
  2. Metroid: The final battle against Mother Brain! Watch out for the missiles and the other projectiles coming too you, defeat Mother Brain before the time runs out!
  3. Zelda: The Octorocks wants defeat you, use your shiled to block their projectiles.
  4. Rad Racer: The race is almost finished, win the race, but, don't slam into the cars!
  5. Kirby's Adventure: Battle against Meta Knight! Press A at the certain time to Kirby gives the final blow!
  6. River City Ransom: You only left 1 HP, block all the opponent attacks to survive this hard battle!
  7. Tetris: Only one piece to complete four lines! Put the piece at the right place in the right form.
  8. Zelda II: You are in Death Mountain using the Fairy Magic, watch out for the enemy projectiles!
  9. Gradius: Oh-no! You only have one life and the enemies are coming full speed to you, make the Konami Code to earn 30 lifes.
  10. Mega Man: Battle against Yellow Devil, do the Select Pause trick to won!
  11. Clu Clu Land: Dodge from the enemies using your powers!
  12. Yoshi's Cookie: Make 3 cookies for Yoshi, but, be fast!
  13. Contra: Dodge from the bullets! Don't take any hit!
  14. Skate or Die!: Do 100 points in 10 seconds! Don't fail in any of the tricks!
  15. Lava Path (NES): Mario is close to the end! Eat him before he get to the end.
  16. Donkey Kong Jr: Save your father, before Mario gets him!
  17. Track & Field: Win a race, tap A much as you can.
  18. Dr. Mario: Put the pill at the right spot to win!
  19. Terry the Koopa: Final battle against Captian Shy Guy, select the correct magic to defeat him!
  20. BOSS: Nintendo World Champions 1990: Beat the Miyamoto's record!
  21. SECRET MINIGAME: Donkey Kong: Beat level 25m without dying. To unlock beat the NES Mario and the NES Luigi's challenges without lose a single heart.


Press Start!
NES Mario's Intro.

NES Mario when the player wins a minigame.

NES Mario when the player loses a minigame.

NES Mario when the player loses a minigame.

You are a super player!
NES Mario when the player wins his stage.


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