LeahNeedlenam NarobiTron
NEEDLEMAN, a haunting vision of the past.
Gender Programmed to be female
Location Unknown
Current Status Unknown
Class Antagonist
Crazed Maniac
First Appearance No current appearances

NEEDLEMAN is a Narobi-Tron with a copy of Leah's old mind waves (when she was in the Twisted Cross) in her. She acts like the old Leah and shows no regrets for her actions, as she has not been programmed to do so. She was created by the Twisted Cross, who found a Narobi-Tron shell that had found it's way to Earth.


While Leah, who had gone softer as she began to realize there were consequences for the way she acts, NEEDLEMAN embraces her old personality and motives. She only cares about her and X-Ray's sake, but is unsure why.

When interacting with others, she is calm and collected unless suddenly threatened, in which she turns to panic. She can be very quirky at times. She rarely makes death threats, although does subtly hint at fates she has in mind for people she doesn't like.

When interacting with the original Leah, she attempts to kill her and intends to replace her.


NEEDLEMAN is a Narobi-Tron like Queen Pixella and has Leah's old outfit, a jumpsuit labcoat of sorts with two pockets on the side and a zipper zipped all the way down.

She has Leah's same hairstyle down to the strands that stick up. She also has Leah's mouth and similar eyes, however the entirety of the eye glows a faint purple and the eyes do not move. She additionally has a needle attached to her right hand, with this one being much bigger than Leah's needle finger.


Currently slated to be in a upcoming episode of Fantendo Now. The character was revealed on 5/17/15, but no purpose has been set yet.