The Mythonomicon is a magic book that contains information on all obtainable Myths in Mythikal.

Normal Myths

Name/Classification Description Role in Combat How to Obtain
Being of Light
A figure made of light that takes on a simplified humanoid form. The color of the light that makes up its body will change depending on both emotion and environmental factors, but it typically remains a stable pale yellow. Homna is noted to be one of the few Myths that will not attack humans willingly, and will even assist humans- unusual for a Myth, who usually only do so towards those who are corrupted by Myths themselves. It acts as a servant towards these corrupted individuals, and usually takes on the form of whatever they require. Homna is an all-around character, with a set of moves and abilities for any occasion. As such, it is a highly customizable Myth, and can play any role the player wants it to. However, take note that it usually won't do as good of a job as more specialized Myths.

Homna's unique ability is Versatile, which doubles the positive and negative effects of equipped Crystals, thereby increasing the customization effects.

Obtained for free upon Mitha's activation of his/her Seal.
Galeforce Gladiator
While the hulking armor and weaponry make it resemble a human at first glance, this Myth is a being of wind, donning a suit of thick armor and wielding a massive broadsword and shield. Instead of having visible eyes inside its helmet, it simply has an eerie blue glow- it is unknown how it sees, but it likely does so through a form of heat vision, judging by its ability to sense warm and cold air currents far better than any pre-Mythic War technology. It does not seem to have any real weak points, as striking gaps in the armor hits nothing but wind, but the bulky armor hinders its speed, so fleeing may be the best option when faced with this Myth. Turbindo is a classic tank-like character- massive defense and attack, but pitiful speed. While Turbindo is a poor choice for outspeeding opponents, its massive defenses to both physical attacks and magic attacks ensure that it will stay alive for a long time regardless.

Turbindo's unique ability is Iron Heart, which lowers the power of critical hits from x3 damage to x1.5 damage.

Dropped by Onyx after his first battle, alongside Pumkimancer.
Hollow Flame Mage
While this pumpkin-like Myth may appear to be relatively weak, it has a mastery of several types of magic. While the most notable are its skills over fire and dark magic, it has rarely been seen using other elemental abilities, such as ice and electricity. While its magic prowess is overwhelming towards humans, and even rivals most other known Myths, its frail, plant-like body does not seem very sturdy. However, given the magic it already possesses, it's likely that it has more defensive skills up its sleeve. Pumkimancer is a mage-type Myth, having a plethora of varied magic abilities, but lacking any physical moves. While it has a massive Magic stat to run its skills off of, it also has low Defense (though its Resistance is decent), making it more of a "squishy wizard" Myth.

Pumkimancer's unique ability is Aether, which increases the power of magic attacks by 20%.

Dropped by Onyx after his first battle, alongside Turbindo.
Watchful Healer
Taking the form of a female scarecrow-like creature, this Myth constantly carries a staff made of an unknown wood. Through this staff, it can channel mysterious restorative energy that can heal almost any wound. Despite the apparent helpfulness, it will only use this healing power to restore life to a Myth or a human corrupted by them. However, it does not attack humans willingly, implying it values life more than the rest of its kind. Clericrow is a standard healer character, capable of restoring large amounts of health to Mitha or the other Myths in the group. It also possesses a few attack spells as well as its repertoire of healing skills, but aside from great defensive stats, it doesn't have much else going for it. With low attack, and few attack spells to take advantage of the high Magic, Clericrow can't really take on roles other than healer or tank.

Clericrow's unique ability is Overheal, which gives a 5% chance to double the amount of HP restored by healing skills.

Obtained after the "Ruined Hospital" sidequest.
Living Power Surge
A specter-like being that appears to be made of pure electricity. It dwells near large deposits of pre-Mythic War technology, most notably those in the Ruined City, and attacks anyone who tries to get near these deposits to scavenge for the precious tech within. It has the ability to manipulate electricity as well as exude it from its body, making getting near it a hassle. If that weren't enough, it's one of the fastest Myths my team has managed to capture... Scratch that, Thompson just told me it got out. Voltergeist has very high Speed, as well as great Attack and Magic, making it a good Myth for those who want to dish out a lot of damage quickly. However, it also has low Defense and Resistance, and its HP is subpar. If you want Voltergeist to be on your team, either have a healer or take note of its low defensive stats.

Voltergeist's unique ability is Thunder Shock, which causes electricity-based moves to deal 15% more damage.

Obtained after the "Searching the Building" sidequest.
Frail Underground Fish
This Myth seems to be nothing more than a black fish with eerie purple designs running down its body. Normally I'd write more, but our team's studies have shown that that's all the thing is- a fish. After a long time dwelling underground, it's lost most of its vision, so it's just flopping around aimlessly. I think we've found the first Myth that's completely harmless.

NOTE: After I wrote that, it somehow killed Marco by flopping onto him. Clearly all of these Myths are lethal in some form.

Darkarp is one of two joke Myths in the game- a seemingly bad choice for a team, aside from the hidden skill it possesses. Darkarp itself has low stats in everything except Defense and Resistance, making it a useful tank- if its HP weren't subpar. Its only attack is Flop, which is incredibly weak, but can instantly destroy any guard in the game, making it somewhat useful.

Darkarp's unique ability is Longshot, which gives Flop a 1% chance to one-hit-kill the opponent.

Sold by the Shady Guy for $1,000,000.
Spiked Ball of Destruction
This small ball of orange and tan spikes is one of the sharpest objects our scientists have ever found. While they've proved that the spines themselves aren't incredibly hard, they can pierce sheets of steel with ease, and it can attack easily by rolling into spherical form and charging at its opponents. Luckily, it has a weak spot- its spike-less underbelly. Now, if only we could find a way to get to it without being countered by the spikes it throws... Despite not being as fast as Voltergeist, Pokyspine is still one of the fastest Myths in the game's beginning. Instead of having high speed and attack stats, however, it has high speed and defensive stats, making it better as a speedy tanking character than a glass cannon.

Pokyspine's unique ability is Spiked, which causes melee attackers to deal recoil damage in the form of 1/20th the original damage.

Obtained after the "Forest Hunt" sidequest.
Hidden Insect Predator
Living Land Mass
Plant-based Hive Mind
Miniscule Feather Being

amiibo Myths

Name/Classification Description Role in Combat amiibo Required
Pyromancing Puppet
A wooden puppet wearing a red hat and cape (think Geno dressed as Mario and you have the general idea). Its fingers are hollow tubes that are capable of projecting flames that somehow do not burn the Myth's wooden body. Marionknight can manipulate this fire in anyway it desires, though it usually prefers to simply throws large fireballs at its enemies.

Little is known about this Myth, as no human has been able to capture it. If spotted, either flee ot attempt to capture it for research.

Marionknight is a relatively all-around Myth that tends to lean more towards attack than defense or speed. Its main focus in combat is using its many fire-based attacks to both deal heavy damage and burn opponents. Aside from the focus on fire, Marionknight is relatively normal in terms of stats.

Marionknight's unique ability is Firebrand, which increases the chance of inflicting Burn by 50%.

Mario (SSB4 or Super Mario)
Electric Phantom
TBA TBA Luigi (SSB4 or Super Mario)
Blossoming Peach Queen
TBA TBA Peach (SSB4 or Super Mario)
Shelled Lava Demon
TBA TBA Bowser (SSB4 or Super Mario)
Infantile Lava Demon
TBA TBA Bowser Jr. (SSB4)
Galactic Spirit
TBA TBA Rosalina (SSB4)
Titanic Primate Warrior
TBA TBA Donkey Kong (SSB4)
Simian Marksman
TBA TBA Diddy Kong (SSB4)
Reptilian Hunter
TBA TBA Yoshi (SSB4 or Super Mario)
Draconic Theif
TBA TBA Wario (SSB4)
Two-Dimensional Anomaly
TBA TBA Mr. Game & Watch (SSB4)
Bladed Steel Serpent
Wisdom Bestower
TBA TBA Zelda (SSB4)
Ominous Optic Kunoichi
TBA TBA Sheik (SSB4)
Toon Mastraconda
Juvenile Bladed Serpent
TBA TBA Toon Link (SSB4)
Dark Power
TBA TBA Ganondorf (SSB4)
Possessed Armored Warrior
TBA TBA Samus (SSB4)
Fuzho Core
Heart of Armor
TBA TBA Zero Suit Samus (SSB4)
Interdimensional Vortex
TBA TBA Kirby (SSB4)
Avian Commander
TBA TBA King Dedede (SSB4)
Dark Swordsman
TBA TBA Meta Knight (SSB4)

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