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Mythical Madness Racing
Developer(s) LegendLogo
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) New Omicron Logo
Release Date(s)
October 31st-2014
Genre(s) Racing
Media Included Disc
 Dead Drifers also know as Monster Drifters in japan,is a 4 player racing video game,developed by LegendaryStar Co. and published by Fantendo,for the Fantendo Omicron .



  • The names are just placeholders for the actual images of the racers*
Complete Roster

Franklin Avie

Franklyn Stein

How-lee Wulf Alucard Von Gore
Invisibelle Geist Don Ovdadead Hema Layah
Niles Saharohs Gordon Gorgon Huô Long

Default RacersEdit

There are a total of 6 Default Racers

Name Image Stats Description
Franklyn Stein
  • Speed:6/10
  • Acceleration:9/10
  • Handling:5/10
  • Drift:8/10

The Son of Frankenstien.

This kid genius,occasionally uses chemisty  and complex mathmatics when racing,often setting up diabolical traps for the other racers to run into.

How-lee Wulf
  • Speed:7/10
  • Acceleration:4/10
  • Handling:5/10
  • Drift:9/10

The Daughter of Werewolfs.

Being the lead singer in band,How-Lee is always loud,but when she brings her guitar into the racing scene,things are gonna get intense.

Alucard Von Gore
  • Speed:6/10
  • Acceleration:5/10
  • Handling:8/10
  • Drift:4/10

The Son of Dracula.

Alucard lives a very posh lifestyle,being the "Prince of the Night",and all.But he often turns into a bat to avoid,any confrontations regarding royalty.

Invisibelle Geist
  • Speed:6/10
  • Acceleration:10/10
  • Handling:4/10
  • Drift:6/10

The Daughter of Ghosts.

A very shy lass indeed,but on the racetrack,don't let that timidity fool you. She is a beast,when it comes to racing.

Don Ovdadead
  • Speed:3/10
  • Acceleration:8/10
  • Handling:10/10
  • Drift:6/10

The Son of Zombies.

Being a zombie,has it's disadvantages,due to the fact that you probably move up to 2 mph for all eternity,but strategy and planning,is what makes the mute wonder,Don so unique.

Niles Saharohs
  • Speed:9/10
  • Acceleration:7/10
  • Handling:0/10
  • Drift:10/10

The Son of Mummies.

A daredevil,who lives his afterlife to the fullest.Some of his favorite hobbies involve bungie jumping and what he calls "Web Swinging" in which he uses his bandages to swing from place to place.

Unlockable RacersEdit

Name Image Stats Description
Hema Layah
  • Speed:5/10
  • Acceleration:8/10
  • Handling:6/10
  • Drift:9/10

The Daughter of the Ambominable Snowman.

Hema deosn't really react to things much due to the fact that her head is stuck in a block of ice,but she does prove her point,without emotion.

Gordon Gorgon
  • Speed:7/10
  • Acceleration:6/10
  • Handling:4/10
  • Drift:5/10

The son of Medusa.

Without his precious shades,Gordon often tends to turn his buddies into stone,but the effects only last 45 seconds,after they have been fully converted.

Huô Long
  • Speed:9/10
  • Acceleration:3/10
  • Handling:7/10
  • Drift:8/10

The son of Chinese Dragons.

Huô is always calm, cool and collected. The only time that he loses his cool is when someone messes with his afternoon Tea-Time.

Unlocking CriteriaEdit

  • Hemi Layah - TBA
  • Gorgon Gorgon - TBA
  • Huô Long - TBA



  • These names are placeholders*
Weirdness Cup Creepy Cup Spooky Cup Crazy Cup
Howl's Circuit TBA Ninjen Territory TBA
Shadey Shoals TBA TBA TBA
Poltergeist Penninsula Oceanic Abyss TBA Dracula's Castle
Dusty Dune Desert TBA TBA Nightmare Nebula