The Spursverse is the main setting of the Silver Spurs saga and some of Lone Planet's earliest titles.


A table of projects that take place in this timeline.

Title Description
Super Mario Crossover Mission The first project in the timeline. Bowser creates an army of genetically modified versions of familiar enemies, and teams up with other villains to destroy Mario.
Super Mario Silver Spurs: The Crossover Vacation Essentially picks up where Crossover Mission left off. Mario, Sonic, and others are forced to team up with the Koopa Troop to stop Mephiles the Dark and his interdimensional army from destroying their worlds.
Boom Boom: Mystery of the Koopa Troop Koopa Troop veterans Boom Boom and Pom Pom work together to stop a corrupted Lady Bow from taking over Bowser's army.
Cartoon Network vs. Nintendo: Grand Prix Finn the Human, alongside Mario, enters a racing tournament to win a magic trophy that grants the winner's wish, only to realize that Mandy is making her first move on multiversal domination. Time travel begins to become prominent.
Super Mario Silver Spurs 2: Adventures Beyond Count Bleck attempts to use the Dark Star's power to wreak havoc. Its effects foreshadow the creation of a powerful entity...
New Super Mario Bros. All-Star Adventure Bowser breaks his deal with Mario and uses the time technology from CN vs. Nintendo: Grand Prix to tear apart different timelines and create his own, but he ultimately fails. Oiram is created.
Gumball and Mario Mario takes Gumball on one of his old-school style adventures, but mysterious dimensional disturbances begin to arise.
Sonic Generations: Episode II Sonic must team up with his two past selves and their friends to try and fix timeline anomalies left over from the Time Eater's presence.
Cartoon Network vs. Sega: Sports Clash Chris McLean hosts a sports tournament between CN and SEGA characters, but Vilgax and Eggman Nega begin to take over and cause problems for the heroes. Finn Nega is created.
Destination Timewarp: An Adventure Time/Dexter's Laboratory Crossover Thanks to the economic boom with time travel, Mandark and the Ice King try to interfere with the timeline and mess it up to their own gain.
Gumball and Mario meet Phineas and Ferb and Sonic 2nd Dimension Dr. Doofenshmirtz joins forces with Bowser and Dr. Eggman to eliminate their enemies. The anomalies become more evident in the dimensions. Not considered part of the timeline at first, but was later given a purpose.
Super Mario and Friends: Zennu Quest Mario and his new friend Pucca travel to Zennu and find a way to stop Dark Bowser and Count Dorkula, who are creating dimensional anomalies. While initially not considered part of the timeline, it was added to give a sort of continuity to Dark Bowser's intentions.
Super Mario Silver Spurs 3: Endgame Once again, Mandy tries to dominate the multiverse, even going as far as enslaving the Endermen and creating Mecha Mario. She punches holes into the End's protective layer, releasing its energy throughout various dimensions. It is revealed that she has been using the Dark Bowser persona for power.
Super Mario Silver Spurs: Dimensional Duos Mandy, Count Bleck, and Mephiles unite to wipe out Mario's team, but Nergal Jr. interferes with their plans. After the final boss, the Spursverse is "rebooted" to make room for a new variation.
Multiversal Silver Spurs In a completely different timeline, new incarnations of Mario, Sonic, Gumball, etc., along with some new heroes, join forces to unravel the mystery of a small town called Highland View.
Multiversal Silver Spurs: Continuum Renegades The new Multiversal Guardians set out to discover the past of their world while facing off with new threats. The old Spursverse is brought back, but fused with the new one at the same time.
Silver Spurs Omicron: Echoes of Disaster The final chapter of the Spursverse*. Heroes from both timelines and the 2nd Dimension must unite to put an end to Lady Bow's dictatorial reign and save their worlds.