"Mystery Squid" is an amiibo of the Blue Inkling squid.

Compatible Games

Sonic Smash Bros
Please attempt to keep this list updated.
  • Splatoon: When tapped onto the Wii U game pad, it allows the player to play as Sonic the Hedgehog in Splatoon. When playing as Mystery Squid, the controls and physics of him are the same as in Sonic Lost World. However, replacing Sonic's Spin-Dash is the "super/squiddy jump". Mystery Squid is much more powerful than usual Inklings, mostly because he's not an Inkling. He's spin-dash when not charged up is instead replacing by turning into a Squid, building up the "Blast Meter" until released.
  • Umbrella Waffle


  • Mystery Squid came to mind while thinking of ideas of amiibo.

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