Mysterious Meteor
Item Type Meteor
Kind of Item Assistance
First Appearance World Dominator: Nintendo Planet
Varies from game to game.

A Mysterious Meteor is a meteor of unknown origin that flies through the universe and sometimes crashes on planets. It gives everyone who destroys them a little boost on their normal skills, but also give different abilities during sporting events. They are also said to have their own personality, but that was never proven.

Physical Appearance

Mysterious Meteors are very small meteors with an orange colour. They have four holes and always seem to be on fire, additionally there is a "!" printed on them.

Game Appearances and Powers

World Dominator: Nintendo Planet

Sometimes, Mysterious Meteors directly crash into one of your units, boosting their attack, defense and HP by 10 points. The units hit by a Mysterious Meteor will not start to burn or lose any HP on contact.


  • It was said by many people that Mysterious Meteors have a personality, because they mostly "like" to crash into planets during sporting events, because they want to "aid their favourite players". That was never proven, since most of them where destroyed by crashing into planets or being crushed by people that needed their power.