Mysterious Count Sky is a comic made by Starcrash. It stars the female Lady Sky as she disguises herself as count of the Earth People. It inspired the NES licensed game Count Sky and the World Meddlers


  • Issue 1-4: "Hidden Ambassador" - Lady Sky of the Sky People notices the Earth People becoming more hostile. She disguises herself as their count, taking the persona Daly Syk. She soon finds out that the EP's government is being controlled by advisors from other planets called World Meddlers. She defeats the commander Olol, but learns that various other Meddlers are stationed around the kingdom. She blames Olol's death on the uneven ground of the EP Kingdom and feigns loyalty to the Meddlers.
  • Issue 5-9 :"Mission from Home" - The SP receive a message from their transforming messanger Clono reporting on Lady Sky's mission. The SPs send her a letter back telling her four new (female) commanders have shown up - Dede, Gigi, Kaka and Tutu. She finds and defeats them one-by-one at each ones battlefield - Lab, Forest, Swamp and Stage. After defeating them all, she glimpses the Meddler's leader, Ultimate Dorashio. He does not notice Sky, however.

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