The Mysterious Commander is the boss of the Lost Precursor City in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy VII. Although he's known as the Mysterious Commander from his first appearance on Misty Island, Jak and Daxter learned in the Shadow Wetlands that he is actually Gol Acheron, Sage of Dark Eco. Jak and Daxter face him in battle when he attempts to gather a rare and valuable artifact from the Lost Precursor City.


The Mysterious Commander hovers out of reach for the most part, and maintains a complete shield around his body that repels all attacks. He attacks by generating dark energy orbs that explode after a few seconds. A pair of structures in the arena help maintain his shield, and they both have to be attacked to shut off the shield for a time. There are obstacles to getting towards each, but after each is shut down temporarily, he can be attacked with an uppercut, followed by any series of ferocious combos you dare to attempt. During the second round, he'll now fire homing energy blasts which can be hard to throw off unless you get them to explode into one another. During the final round, he'll actually summon shooting stars to crash down from above. If you see the floor lighting up under you, run out of the way fast! After his defeat, this not-so-tough boss gives up a Power Cell.

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