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MysterE Games
Type of Company Game Developer
Founder(s) Nemo Rex
Founded at/in 2013
Area(s) Served all world
No. of Employee(s) Rarsome (tbc)
Predecessor none
Parent Company None

MysterE Games is a game company that serves around the world, and associates itself with Nintendo and Ubisoft for many of its projects, though, it has been known to make it's own games. It is ran and was founded by Nemo Rex. If anyone wants to join, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page. So far, only the following games have been made: Tyme ShiftRayman Crossroad, and Paper Mario: Into the Stars. It also responsible for the Super Mario Crux trilogy. It is responsible as well for the Super Mario: Tattered Darkness story continuity.


Nemo Rex-Founder 150px

                                                   The mascot, Jeff the partially invisible man.





  • Midieval
  • Kirby: Darkest Hour
  • Skylanders: Transformation
  • Fantendex: Heroes Unite!

Super Mario: Tattered Darkness

Super Mario: Tattered Darkness is a small saga within the Super Mario series. It includes one yoshi game, three super mario bros. games, one luigi's mansion game, and finally, one great crossover game.

  • New Super Mario Bros. Inferno
  • Luigi's Mansion: Paranormal Crypt
  • Super Mario 3D Reality
  • Super Mario Galaxy: Abyss
  • Super Mario Domain