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Mynis FSBO


This loser calls himself a hero???
Full Name Mynis
Current Age 18
Date of Birth April 1
Gender Male
Species Beorn
Location Baraenion, Zeon (formerly)
Toronto, Canada
Current Status Alive
Class Hero?
The Prodigal Children
His reputation
Family and Relations
Claire MacBeth (Friend/Roommate)
Ronnie Pepper (Friend/Roommate)
Rachel Tifft (Friend)
Main Weapon(s) A pair of knives (Inpeerion)
Ability/ies A master of insults and taunting
Good at growing Blumps
Vulnerable To Almost totally incompetent
Height 5'09" / 175.3 cm
The Great Mynis (himself)
The Brilliant, Brave, Battlin', Bronze-Furred Beorn (himself)
Brownie (Ronnie and Claire)
The Buffoon (Zerita and Abza)
First Appearance The Great Mynis' Earth Survival Guide
Latest Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory
Alright, then, fiend! Are you ready to have your diabolical plan foiled by the greatest (and last) Beorn in the galaxy? ... That's what I thought!!
Mynis, before losing miserably in a fight against a villain

Mynis is Unten's counterpart from an alternate universe. Unfortunately, he's nowhere near as competent as Unten, with his only boons being his skills at first aid, taunting or cheering, and especially cultivating Blumps.


Mynis, being a Beorn, looks quite similar to a bear, and has the usual black eyes with white star-like pupils and hands comparable to paws. His fur is a dark bronze color, which he keeps as well-groomed as possible in order to retain a positive image. This grooming used to include braiding some of the longer hairs and decorating them with small metal coins and flintstones, but he dropped this habit shortly after arriving on Earth.

Like Unten, he tends towards scarves as far as clothing goes, but his favorite scarf - a red one, with his name embroidered into the fabric - is much longer than any scarf Unten has ever worn. Though this scarf looks awesome when combined with a good wind and a heroic pose, Mynis frequently trips over it when actually fighting. He also has a strange obsession with belts, and claims that they emphasize his tragic backstory. He wears nearly two dozen belts on his entire body, including on his forearms, hands, calves, waist, chest, and even a few on his face as a headband and a makeshift eyepatch. (He has both his eyes, though. He just thinks it looks cool.) He is also often seen carrying an over-shoulder bag, in which he stores first-aid supplies and a collection of high-quality Blumps, which he grows himself.


Mynis has some serious inferiority issues. Having come from a universe where he is the last Beorn in existence, he had to live up to the stereotype of being an incredible hero who's the last of his kind despite being nearly as incompetent in battle as the main timeline's Mondo. He tries to convince himself that he's a badass by dressing the part, with a collection of belts that would make any edgy giant-sword-wielding antihero jealous and a cocky nature that hides how scared he truly is. Eventually, being a self-certain dick to hide his vulnerability became second nature to him. Though he tries to tone down during his journeying across the multiverse, he ultimately finds himself turning back towards it when facing any enemy at all. He even tries to put on a brave façade while around other Beorns in an attempt to show that he handled the extinction of the species as well as they did. He is awful at making the difficult decisions that are expected of heroes, and will suffer from a nervous breakdowns if the stakes are too high.

While alone, Mynis finds distraction and satisfaction at cultivating the mysterious Blump fruits, at which he is thought to be the best in the multiverse. For him, it's a legitimate source of pride, and one of the few areas of expertise in which he acts humbly and honestly when praised. He also enjoys cooking, which he is slightly less skilled at but still capable enough to cook a good meal. Despite his self-spawned reputation as a warrior without match, he hates fighting due to associating it with disappointment, but sometimes finds comfort in playing support roles. He is acrophobic, illiterate, a fan of sports, and enjoys fresh air.


Like Unten, Mynis possesses a low-level electric manipulation which can be enhanced through use of Blumps and frequently wields bladed weaponry, but the similarities end there. Mynis’ range of electrical manipulation is inferior to his counterpart's, and he has a bad habit of tripping over his scarf when he attempts melee combat with his weapons of choice, a pair of daggers.

Fortunately, his areas of expertise lie very clearly in other areas. While in allies’ company, his quick tongue can be quite useful for both cheering allies on and flustering enemies with a wide array of taunts and insults. He is relatively skilled at first aid, and his long scarf and collection of belts can be used as emergency bandages. His greatest asset is his skill at growing Blumps. With the assistance of his higher-quality fruits, he can match a Blump-boosted Unten in electrical manipulation despite the initial power difference, and the boon is even greater for his allies.

Fantendo Smash Bros

A moveset can be found here.


Prior History

Though Mynis never appears in any of the games in the Prodigy series, his nature as an alternate Unten means that he has experienced the same events that Unten experienced during his adventures, albeit with some very obvious differences, such as him being directly responsible for Queen Pixella's spiky death during her kidnapping after yet another incident involving tripping over his scarf, his less-than-stellar relationships with Zerita, or him very obviously not being the prophesized hero in Underground due to his bronze-colored fur. Somehow, he makes it through these adventures despite the odds stacked slightly more against him, thanks to the few skills that he actually has. Not to mention a good deal of luck.

The Great Mynis' Earth Survival Guide

Mynis acts as the primary protagonist of the series, which is set shortly after the destruction of Zeon and follows him, two long-time Earth residents, and a fellow refugee, during Mynis' time spent adjusting to life on Earth.

Fantendo - Mansion

The actual Mynis does not really appear in Fantendo - Mansion; instead, a psychic projection of Mynis created by Dare appears, and serves as a shopkeeper.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Mynis appears as a playable character, and was announced during the 3/5/16 "Witching Hour" event. Later, he was joined in the roster by Ronnie and Claire. This is Mynis' first official appearance in any Fantendoverse content. It is unknown what his role in the story will be.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Omega

Mynis appears as one of the main playable characters in the story mode, and was announced on 8/29/16 alongside the game's title, Ronnie, and Claire. Naturally, he is planned to be among the most important characters (if not the most important character) in the story mode.

Shards of Reality

A non-canon appearance. Mynis appears as the shopkeeper of The Great Mynis' Amazing Flying Farmer's Market Of Justice, which, as its name suggests, can be accessed from multiple locations. Though its prices are among the steepest of any shop, it is the only shop in the game where one can purchase several useful items, including Big Blumps and Beorn Reapers, so it's always worth a visit if you have enough money.


Claire MacBeth

Claire treats Mynis almost as well as she treats her girlfriend, which is really saying something. She is Mynis' main informant when it comes to earth culture, as well as the one that suggested he share his stories via vlogging to help other extraterrestrial refugees. As a result, Mynis feels indebted to her for life, and will immediately volunteer for any chores that she needs doing. Though he's honest with her, he still keeps some secrets to maintain some façade of nobility.

Ronnie Pepper

Mynis initially distances himself from Ronnie due to her looking somewhat similar to Doomulus Grime. The two quickly bond during Mynis' time spent with her and Claire, however, and they quickly become close friends. More recently, Mynis has started teaching Ronnie how to properly cultivate Blumps. Like with Claire, Mynis is more honest than usual with Ronnie, but still tries to withhold his deepest insecurities and put on a mask of braveness.

Unten, Untina, Uniten, etc

Mynis will automatically try to act mightier than he actually is whenever he's with his more skilled counterparts from alternate realities, taking on the dramatic and vigilant persona that he usually saves for those he's protecting in an attempt to show them that he handled the difficulties as well as they did. Unfortunately, this pseudo-confidence is often misinterpreted as him just being an asshole.

Zerita (All Versions)

One of the universal constants of the multiverse is the feelings that Zerita has for Mynis. She knows him for what he really is - an incompetent wannabe - and sees him as rather pathetic. However, she ultimately ended up pitying him enough to offer him a bit of aid when he needs the help the most. After the destruction of Zeon, however, the Omega Prime Zerita is pretty much ready to abandon Mynis to his fate.

Imperium (Omega Prime)

Though their relationship started with Mynis attempting to boast and argue his way into becoming Imperium's new wielder, it quickly devolved into a mutual hatred. Though the two cannot argue, what with one of them being a sword and all, they don't enjoy each others' presence, and will take drastic steps to avoid visual and physical contact. Their relationship also led to Mynis attempting several times to obtain his own sentient weapon, all of which failed miserably. In the end, he just started calling his knives "Inpeerion."





  • Not surprisingly, Mynis' name is a play on the word "minus."
  • The concept of Mynis was inspired by Dan Hibiki from the Street Fighter series and Fantendo's own Untina.
  • Mynis' overabundance of belts is a nod to the character design habits of Tetsuya Nomura, a director and designer at Square Enix responsible for designing important characters in the Final Fantasy series, the Kingdom Hearts series, and The World Ends With You.
  • The name of Mynis' knives, Inpeerion, is a reference to joke weapons in RPGs having names that parody the names of legendary weapons, such as Final Fantasy's Excalipoor and Fire Emblem's Missiletainn.
  • Mynis and his creator, IncarnateParanoia, share April 1st as their birthday.

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