Myn the Elk
Myn the elk
Myn, the Son of Iny the Elk
Full Name Myn
Current Age 6
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Location Lonalova Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Romero the Elk (Brother)

Iny the Elk (Father)

Ability/ies Walk fast, grab on ledges.
Vulnerable To Water
The Little One
First Appearance The Chosen One
Latest Appearance The Chosen One
Myn the Elk is one of the protagonists of The Chosen One. He is a Elk and the second son of Iny the Elk, he has a brother called Romero the Elk.

About Myn

Myn is the second son of Iny and a unnamed mother, he is outgoing, unlike his brother, his best friend is Yardon the FireFox.

Game Apparances

The Chosen One

In the Chosen One, he is one of the three characters, he walk fast and can grab on ledges, he is the most difficulty characters to control at start.


Myn can shoot little fireballs.