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Myleina (CT)
Full Name Myleina
Gender Female
Location Glass Meadows
Current Status Alive
Class Shadow
Main Weapon(s) Sword
First Appearance Colossal Tribes: Bronze Kingdom (2014)

Myleina is a Human who lives in Glass Meadows, along with her brother - Kage.


Myleina has pale skin, and purple eyes, with one that drags down into a lighting bolt. She has long, blonde hair and has a purple and yellow starred headband. She has rose shaped earrings and a purple band around her neck. She wears a long purple dress, which has a rose and many white diamonds on. She has roses on her shoulders and the top of the neck and the end of sleeves of her dress are green. She also wears purple shoes, which have a few small, white diamonds on.


Myleina carries around a sword, which is capable of using shadow powers. The hilt has a rose on the end, which then has some small wings connected to it.

Colossal Tribes: Bronze Kingdom

Image Name Class Light Move Heavy Move Special Move Defensive Move
Myleina Myleina (CT) Shadow
  • Shadow Slash - Myleina slices with her Shadow Sword
  • Black Dash - Myleina charges and slashes up with her Shadow Sword
  • Shadow Bolt - Myleina fires a Shadow Bolt from her hand
  • Midnight Shower - Myleina drops many Shadow Spores on the opponent, which damage the opponent when they try to attack.
  • Moon Crash - Myleina crashes a moon piece into the opponent
  • Shadow Engulf - Myleina traps the opponent in shadow and slowly damages them.
  • Shadow Shield - Myleina protects herself with a Shadow Sheild
  • Midnight Move - Myleina parries the opponents attacks with Midnight Rays.


Colossal Tribes: Bronze Kingdom

Myleina appears as one of the two starter characters in the first game of the Colossal Tribes (Series). If she is picked, she must battle Kage as the first leader, but if Kage is chosen, she must be battled as the first leader.