My Mad Wonderland (私の狂ったワンダーランド Watashi no Wonderland) is an interactive drama action-adventure video game for various platforms, developed by Dark Heart Games. The story is loosely based on Lewis Carroll's </span>Alice in Wonderland, having many refrences and plot devices borrowed from the novel. You take control of Rin Fushigi who along with five other teenagers were kidnapped and locked up in the underground asylum of their school, and have to make it out alive. The opening song of My Mad Wonderland is </span>Her Name is Alice performed by the hard rock band Shinedown.


Being an interactive drame action-adventure, My Mad Wonderland has a pretty unique gameplay, one that is commonly found in games like 'The Last of Us' and 'Beyond Two Souls'. It focuses more on the story and makes use of making decisions and quick time events, while not letting the whole game depend on quick-time events.

Most often the player, controlling Rin Fushigi, has use do stealth throughout the areas. They can distract antagonists and enemies by interacting with devices or using objects on the ground to cause a distraction. When engaging in combat is often when the quick-time events kick in, though failing the quick-time events most of the time won't change the ending, with a few exceptions in the story.

And as said above there are multiple endings for the game which are based on the choices and actions made in the game. It can range from an ending where everyone survives to one where almost everyone dies. Endings where the true main antagonists isn't even met while another has the main protagonist dead at the end. There are many endings for which a path is laid out through the game. There will be no notification when a butterfly effect comes into action, to make is unknown which choices exactly matter. In the limited edition of the game there is a book in which the paths with the right choices to make are listed if one desires other endings.


It was the last Friday of school before the Winter break, and everyone was having a Christmas breakfast and were free after that. After the breakfast various students had to help to clean up the mess. During this time a blizzard had appeared. Everyone quickly made their way to the bus, which was quickly filled, forcing six people to be left behind at the station. They quickly took cover inside of the main building where they suddenly passed out. They awoke in a dark room somewhere underground where they quickly discovered that they had to fight for their life in order to get out alive.


Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit Hole

Chapter 2: The Pool of Tears


Main Protagonists

Character Role Bio

Rin Fushigi

(♀ 17)

The Alice Rin is a tomboyish girl who is liked by most at her school. She is known for being the captain of the soccer and lacrosse team, which indentifies her tomboyishness. She is loyal and always tries to get what she desires, and she will always come up for her friends and those who are weaker than her. This can be very dangerous because of her short temper, and her being a strong and great athlete. Aside from that she also has a hidden romantic spot for elderwoman.

Nigito Karasu

(♂ 17)

The Dodo A mysterious boy, who spends most of his time by himself. He is a quiet, and calm individual. He doesn't like to interact with someone he isn't interested in, and has no need to make friends. When he finally considers someone as his friend, some may seem him as reckless. In reality he is just very overprotective, and would give his life for someone else. He often has an emotionless look on his face, masking his true emotions.

Kotori Shiroi

(♀ 16)

The White Queen Kotori is a shy and fragile girl. She doesn't really stand out that much on school, aside from her intelligence. She has a hard time interacting with people, though she really desires to have some friends. She is a really clumsy girl and often messes up things. Despite this she is a genius and excellent at thinking up plans, although her clumsyness may ruin her own plans too. She wasn't always like this. Because of her parents poor parenting she was a really passive girl in the past, but now tries to reform herself into a better person.

Tsubomi Mokutenryo

(♀ 18)

The Cheshire Cat She has a very relaxed, upbeat, and cheerful personality, and tends to display a lack of ladylike manners, like pushing Nigito's face in her breasts, and such. Despite the morally dodgy nature that she can sometimes display, Leone is not one to tolerate injustice, and can be especially vicious to those who commit the most vile of acts. When explaining things she often makes it just harder to understand the topic, as if it has become a riddle. She really likes to mock and mess with other people. She is known as a true survivor because of her past, and material artist skills.

Rei Usagi

(♀ 17)

The White Rabbit Rei is a down to Earth girl. Some would call her a pessimist, but she rather calls herself a realist. She has lost hope in this world, and feels it is too late to save it, as it will plunge into madness. Because of her take on the world she doesn't quickly make friends, as some people are scared by her. However once she gets to talk she will do it very quickly, without breathing, so you can't interrupt. Whether it is a discussion or a regular talk. She however has a triggering switch which will go to the other side when facing her fears like the darkness, and unknown noises. And ticking clocks are the only thing that seem to relax her.

Mairu Chawan

(♀ 16)

The Mad Hatter They say there's a fine line between genius and insanity. Mairu straddles it like a rocking horse, teetering over one end then the other in a matter of seconds. To say she's eccentric is a huge understatement. Mairu's on a completely different wavelength from everyone else, and her train of thought has so many tracks, it's nearly impossible to follow. Mairu's default state is starry-eyed and distracted, and she is 100% driven by whims and curiosity. She lacks self-consciousness and tact, and simply does as she pleases, caring naught whether others deem her actions appropriate. Even though she is nigh incomprehensible most of the time, usually spouting one non-sequitur after another, she somehow manages to unintentionally offend people on a daily basis.


Character Role Bio
Kenji Nagato

(♂ 19)

The Jabberwocky The one behind all of this. Kenji is a sadistic and mentally insane guy who leads the underground world of the school. He somehow can easily manipulate the people around him, and let them work for him. He may be insane, but hides this behind his cool and calm face. He throws charm into the battle sometimes, but other times can get really angry, making other peopel fear their existence. Why exactly Kenji is doing all of this, what has started his weird obsession of kidnapping and killing people, is yet unknown. Probably the only person who knows is his lover Chi, whom he cherishes with his whole heart. Although it can be questioned whether his feelings are genuine, or if he just is using her. 
Chi Himura

(♀ 19)

The Queen of Hearts She is next to Kenji the other person who causes most of the chaos in the undergrounds. She is, in some way, the girlfriend of Kenji and acts very Yandere. She is all over Kenji and will do anything for him, especially kill. She loves killing and the color red, the color of blood. She is feared the most by the victims in the undergrounds, seeing as she is very seductive, sadistic, murderous, and sinister. She carries around a giant hatchet which she uses to behead people. She also has a collecting room of the decapicated heads, which hang off the ceiling there.
Daisuke Himura

(♂ 17)

The Knave of Hearts Daisuke is the younger brother of Chi. He is fully aware of the situation he got involved with, but knew that beforehand. But he prefers his current life over his life in the past. He is a very closed off boy and doesn't really care about what happens around him and will obey his sister, simply because he is bored and doesn't give a shit about what's going on. He always is listening to metal music and he always has a manga with him, so he doesn't get bored.
Professor Aomushi

(♂ 49)

The Caterpillar One of the teachers at Wanda Academy. He is an adult chemistry teacher. He, along with Kenji and Chi, started the alliance of the undergrounds. He got the keys to the place which started all of it. He is a can be described as a crazy scientist. He is often seen smoking, whether it be out of a pipe, a cigar, cigarette or even hookah. He conducts experiments on the dead, and sometimes alive bodies of the victims as experiments so can get higher up in the society. However his experiments drive him into madness along the road.
Raito Yoshida

(♂ 17)

The Tweedledee Raito, the twin-brother of Kaito. Like his brother he is a very laid back and playful character. They both always have wide grins in their faces and see everything as a little game, which they will enjoy to the fullest. They are also known as the stoners of the school. Raito often tries to take the lead of the two, and always manages to convince his twin that he is right in discussions. He also tries to be the charmer of the two, but always ruins it by laughing about his brother's stupid jokes and such things.
Kaito Yoshida

(♂ 17)

The Tweedledum Kaito, the twin-brother of Raito. Like his brother he is a very laid back and playful character. They both always have wide grins in their faces and see everything as a little game, which they will enjoy to the fullest. They are also known as the stoners of the school. Kaito is the dummer one of the duo. He always comes up with false and strange facts, only to be disproven by his brother. He often just starts to giggle out of nowhere and really isn't 100% in his mind.
Ayumu Daiku

(♂ 18)

The Carpenter A prominent member to the underground organization. Ayumu is a large and very muscled guy, as if his chest was made out of iron. Aside from his brute strength that he provides, he is a very good craftsman and has made the weapons for the underground organization in cooperation with the professor. He himself has a huge hammer which he can detach the hammer itself and the stick to make it work more like a morning star. Ayumu may seen dimwitted but is very realistic and always serious about the situation. He doesn't understand sarcasm and doesn't take any joy out of anything, as he simply sees this as his job.
Kasumi Tokage The Lizard

(♀ 17)

She is a sneaky assassin-like girl who lurks in the shadows of the underground, constantly watching and observing her victims. Kasumi used to be a yoga captain at school, but quit after finding her true purprose in life. Like Ayumu she is very serious about things, but unlike him likes to crack a joke. She always wants to have the upper hand in battle so she intensely observes the opponent to learn their combat style and use it as advantage in battle. Kasumi has a variety of weapons ranging from her biggest one, a modified chainsaw, to small kunai's and shurikens. Kasumi is a girl who does complain a lot, and keeps nagging about everything, she detests the world as it is now, and thinks a start-over would be the best.
Jun Kame

(♂ 16)

The Mock Turtle The youngest member of the underground organization. He is the most playful of the bunch. At school he is one of the cool kids, and is considered very popular. He actually has the perfect high school lives that the rival character has in high-school films. However he has a dark side that he practices underground. Even there he tries to act very cool, but it really comes of awkward instead of cool. In the underground he is actually considered to be one of the geeks, to say so. He still does enjoy his time in the undergrounds. Jun has a gigantic shield which also can act as boomerang and has sharp edges to cut with.


Character Role Bio
Shiina Koton

(♀ 19)

The Duchess Aside form the fraction of Kenji, another small group are locked up in the asylum. Shiina is the head of the group, being trapped there for some time now, after going through the same process as the current group. She managed to survive and build a hideout. She is a very sadistic girl, with a tendency of teasing everyone around her. She is rather serious about things, but often ruins that with her own stupid jokes. She likes to taunt her opponents and is a strong leader.
Mikio Tamayo

(♂ 16)

The Humpty Dumpty The current boyfriend of Duchess. He also is a survivor from Shiina's group. Mikio is a grumpy punkhead who despises everyone and everything. He hates being trapped and always tries to find ways out. He is a large powerhouse, but really soft on the inside. He always wants to help people, despite his rude behavior.
Liwei Féng 

(♂ 18)

The March Hare Liwei has come to Japan from China along with his little sister Xia. He is obsessed with tea, and really can't get enough of it. Luckily for him there is enough in the asylum. He is a talkative and very kind person. He is a good person to have conversations with and easily gains your trust. Aside from this Liwei often has a very funny and loud giggle whenever he hears something amusing to him.
Xia Féng

(♀ 14)

The Dormouse Xia is the younger sister of Liwei. Unlike her brother she is a rather shy and quiet girl. She often is seen at her brothers side and doesn't like to be away from him. She is a very cute girl liked by everyone in the hideout. She is really eager to help her friends, but unfortunately can't do anything of help. She the number one person to be kept safe.
Shiro Ito

(♂ 19)

The White Knight Shiro is the loyal servant of Shiina, he has a strong sense of duty and faithfully follows her orders. He always acts very polite and charming, in reality he is a sadistic man and expresses that in a very passive and sarcastic manner. His diabolic nature is seen through his dark humor, and inability to see much good of this world.
Kororo Hitsuji

(♀ 64)

The Hedgehog And elderly woman who is close to her retirement, but wants to keep working to the last year she is able to. She is a devoted sociology teacher and knows much of the human behavior. She can be a very strict and direct person, but has a very kind heart and often does kind acts to show her gratitude to her students. Despite the fact that she doesn't like all of her students she will protect them at all costs.
Nanami Bēkarī

(♀ 19)

The Cook Nanami was the best friend of Shiina. They always hung out together and were best friends forever. Nanami is a girl who just is too kind. She always wants to help, and even if they don't need help she does it. She would risk her life for the ones she loves, although she despises violence.
Takaha Hane

(♂ 18)

The Flamingo Takaha is a born leader, a guy who knows exactly what to do in certain situations. He always secures the safety of the others first before his own safety. He can be very stubborn, and doesn't really listen to the plans of others as he consideres himself the leader. He has a huge ego, and although he is a born leader, not all his plans are a guaranteed success. However he can be nice at times.
Anastasie Souris

(♀ 17)

The Mouse Anastasie was a loner in school who would often just spend her days in the corner of the cafeteria with her game console in her hands. She didn't act very much. One of the reasons for this was because she couldn't speak Japanese properly, as she comes from France. She always seems depressed and only reacts negative to people, doesn't matter if they are nice to her or not.
Relu Himura

(♀ 19)

The Joker Relu is the slightly older twin brother of Chi. He was known to be very protective of his sister, and also his younger cousin.
Mamami Fushigi X the stepmother, and only relative, of Rin.
Gaito Fushigi X the father of Rin.


Enemy Description
Bandersnatches ground creatures of the dark, created by Professor Aomushi to hunt down the victims of the round. He keeps many Bandersnatches in various cages scattered throughout the underground asylum. They are giant bulky creatures that charge at the player. But they can easily be outsmarted by making use of the environment. They mainly rely on sight so it is best to hide oneself.
Jubjub Birds midair creatures of the dark, also created by Professor Aomushi. They are menacing and powerful creatures that can dive into the player when they are spotted. The best way to take them out is by using projectiles or by distracting it with sound and attacking it from behind as the mainly rely on sound.
Snark ground creatures of the dark created by Aomushi. They are thin creatures with long claws on their hands and feet. They are very fast and can deal serious damage with their claws. They have no specific way of defeating and it is best to face them head-on. They hide in the ground and can be spotted by dark goo on the ground from which they emerge when approaching it.
Jabberwock Hatchlings pre-preschoolers who seemed to be brainwahsed into doing the bidding of the Jabberwock. They follow his every command and wear Jabberwock masks to hide their identity. Killing these will make Rin more insane, as she knows they are innocent pre-preschoolers.
Shoggoth a massive amoeba-like creatures made out of iridescent black slime, with multiple eyes "floating" on the surface. They are described as "protoplasmic", lacking any default body shape and instead being able to form limbs and organs at will. They are slow but deal massive damage.
Glaaki said to resemble a large slug with long metallic spines. They have eyes at the end of long tentacles, which function sort of telescopes on a submarine. They spit dangerous acid that can inflict deadly poison.
Cthulhu An enormous creature which we all know and love. It is held captive in the lowest parts of the underground asylum. It is said to be the strongest one in the whole game. It only can be encountered once and flees into the water after the battle.
Nobody an unknown entity that dwells through the corridors of the underground asylum. It can't be defeated despite that it keeps stalking Rin.


There are many weapons found throughout the asylum. They all are crafted by Ayumu, despite this they are not all in the possession of the underground alliance.

Weapon Description
'The Gryphon the strongest weapon crafted by Ayumu. It is a katana made out of bones, feathers and claws of both an eagle and a lion. However shortly after its creation it was stolen by Nobody and till this day is hidden somewhere in the corridors of the asylum. The Gryphon can cut through any oher weapon, object and living being.
Vorpal Blade it is the first weapon Rin's group finds in the undergrounds, being dropped by the first Bandersnatch they encountered. Nigito claims the weapon but can't seem to wield it properly and passes it on to Rin, who can. The dagger is very light and good for close up combat.
Ace of Hearts is the main weapon of Chi. It is a rather big hatchet, and compared to the other aces has the least range. It is engraved with a tiny heart at the top and has dried up blood on the edge of the weapon. One cut with the hatchet can result into death, as it has a deadly poison within it.
Ace of Spades currently a weapon not used by anyone, and set as decoration. It later becomes the weapon the Jabberwocky uses as his first weapon. It used to be the weapon of Relu. It is a big halberd that he used to cut off the heads of people. He could move very fast with it despite it being a heavy weapon. The halberd can be broken up into many smaller pieces, creating little spikes on all of them, and can be used more like a whip.
Ace of Diamond & Clubs the weapon used by Raito and Kaito, they look exactly alike, except for the emblem engraved into the blade. They are spears that are rather light, and can easily be thrown with. Kaito and Raito use their spears for combo attacks and massive hitting, and thus are very skilled with it, as they somehow have a connection together of what they are going to do next. They can also attached their spears together.
The Walrus is a the weapon that Ayumu crafted for himself. It is a gigantic hammer that only Ayumu is able to wield with his immense strength. The only other person who may be able do his is Mikio. When slammed on the ground the hammer can create shockwaves and break the ground. It also has a special function in which the front of the hammer opens and a missile launcher is revealed. The back of the hammer can also be used to cut into people.
Oyster Starlet is the main weapon of Jun. It is the most defensive weapon of all, as it is a gigantic shield which can reflect anything it touches. The problem with the weapon is that it leaves the back of Jun open to attack. However he can easily move the position of the shield. And if that doesn't work the shield can extend itself around the user and become a ball... or actually shell. The shield can be cropped into a boomerang of sorts that he can throw. It will always come back as there are string attached to the shield/boomerang. So even if it falls dead on the ground he can always pull it back.
Fish Footman a large and destructive chainsaw that is the main weapon of Kasumi. Unlike her team mates' weapons hers doesn't have a second function to it. She just simply can use it to slash through people, grind them in their body and whatever she wants. She has no trouble wielding it, while others can't handle the shaking of the machine.
Smiling Roses a set of large poles that resemble gigantic needles that people use to sew. They are very special weapons as they can really sew together open wounds no matter how big or small they are. The roses are very sharp, especially at the tip, and also inflict the most damage there.
Teacup one of the strongest weapons owned by The Resistance. It is a morning-star that is used by Liwei. He created it together with his sister, who added the nice flower patterns on the morning-star's ball and also named it the Teacup. It is a very powerful weapons, but because not the right materials were used there is a crack in it, making it basically its only weak spot.
Red Horse is one of the red weapons, representing agility. The Red Horse is a long whip which is made out of a special expandable fabric. It has the face of a horse at the gripe.
Red Bishop is one of the red weapons, representing defense. The Red Bishop is a sceptar that has the four elements within it, and almost can be seen as magic. In reality the head of the sceptar can be spun around to select either Fire, Blizzard and Lightning. Each one sending out the selected element at the top.
Red Rook is one of the red weapons, representing strength. The Red Rook are a pair of large fists made out of iron. They are designed to look like bricks. The fists are connected with a chain which can be an advantage or disadvantage in battle.
White Horse is one of the white weapons, representing strength. It basically is a large hammer-like weapon used to inflict massive damage. It is similar to the Walrus, minus the special abilities of the Walrus. The White Horse can summon a horn from its head to pierce through people.
White Bishop is one of the white weapons, representing agility. The White Bishop is a foil, and most likely the lightest weapon created by Ayumu. The White Bishop seems to control the wind as it makes you very fast.
White Rook is one of the white weapons, representing defense. The White Rook is a oval-shaped shield with a brick pattern printed on it. It acts similar to the Oyster Starlet only it can't turn itself into a huge ball to protect itself. It also doesn't change into a boomerang but can act as one.


The game contains their own OST but also lists many songs that are related or based on Alice in Wonderland

Song Artist Duration
Her Name is Alice Shinedown
Mischievous of Alice Yousei Teikoku
Mad Hatter Melanie Martinez
White Rabbit Emiliana Torrini
Alice Avril Lavigne
Tea Party Kerli


  • The game started out as a simple manga transcript, then turned into a visual novel before eventually becoming a video game.
  • Despite the game being based on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland it features creatures from H.P. Lovecraft as enemies.

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