My Little Pony RPG: Mazes and Manticores is a strategy role-playing game from the My Little Pony franchise. It stars the protagonists of the series working together to escape the dimension Discord has created, soon discovering it wasn't his work and a much bigger villain is working behind the scenes.


Playable Characters

Artwork Name Class Quote Abilities
TwilightSparkleMLPFiMMaM Twilight Sparkle Black Mage
As of countless hours playing my Unicorn Fantasy game, I am quite well aware this dungeon must contain tons of bobby traps and demonic spiders. Who's coming with me, guys?
Twilight Sparkle

  • Able to cast elemental spells.
  • Weak to physical attacks.
  • Strong resistance to magic and enchantments.
  • Has the lowest HP of the group.
RarityMLPFiMMaM Rarity White Mage
Covered in mud, in wounds, in rack: come to me, and I'll stitch you back, darling!

  • Able to cast healing and buffing spells.
  • Weak to magical attacks.
  • Normal resistance to physical attacks.
  • Attacks using her enchanted crystal sphere.
RainbowDashMLPFiMMaM Rainbow Dash Thief
Behind me, girls. If one of us is to be hit first, withstand all the attacks and protect you, it is me.
Rainbow Dash

  • Has the fastest speed of the group.
  • Her attacks are weak, but she always deals the first punch.
  • Attacks using her knife.
  • Invulnerable to ground attacks.
FluttershyMLPFiMMaM Fluttershy Summoner
Have you just attacked my friends? Made them bleed? Because if so, you, sir, are about to fear the wrath of fire that is Ifrit! ... If that's okay with you, um...

  • Has the second lowest HP, next to Twilight.
  • Attacks summoning creatures, animals and magical monsters.
  • Can mind-control animals.
  • Invulnerable to ground attacks.
ApplejackMLPFiMMaM Applejack Warrior
I will protect y'all even if it's the last thing ah'm do.

  • Attacks using her sword.
  • Deals slow, but strong slashes.
  • Has the lowest speed of the group.
  • Has the greatest attack power of the group.

Pinky Pie

Woah! So we're inside a play now? A play of what? We're playing music? Oh god I didn't even bring on the saxophone! Or the flute! Or my drums! What am I even going to dooooooo?
Pinkie Pie

  • Can use magical buffs and debuffs and cast them on her teammates.
  • Attacks with two twin knifes.
  • Has the second greatest speed, next to Rainbow Dash.
  • Can become invisible for one turn and attack on the other.

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