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My Little Pony Explorers
Developer(s) PlatinumGames
Publisher(s) Activision
Director(s) Kenji Saito
Platform(s) Xbox One, PlayStation 4,
Genre(s) Beat-em-up, action-adventure
Release Date(s)
Chapter Mode, Challenge Mode,
Age Rating(s)
Cost $19.99
Max. amount of players 1

My Little Pony Explorers (also known as MLP: Wrath of Virena) is a upcoming sorceress beat-em-up game by Platinum Games and Hasbro, the same collab that brought Transformers: Devastation. Unlike other Platinum games, it sold well.


Virena has discovered a mineral called Terminium that is said to unlock every monster in Equestria. She uses it, and then Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, Dazzlings, and herself aim to take over Equestria.

Princess Celestia is seeing that there is a eternal night in Equestria. Twilight Sparkle is called to restore the Elements of Harmony, since they have been seized by Virena's curse.

Twilight Sparkle is accompanied by the mane six to find Queen Chrysalis and defeat her again. After defeating her, they find out that Virena is taking over Equestria by using a dangerous ore known as Terminium.

Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze are called down to Canterlot, possessed by Virena, battle against the Mane Six. After defeating them, Sonata Dusk decides to give the mane six the location of Virena.

When Twilight Sparkle and the mane six arrive at Virena's castle, she then decides to summon her monsters again and take over Equestria.

Virena escapes from her castle to the moon, and engages with a duel with Twilight Sparkle, and Twilight Sparkle unleashes the magic of harmony, and Virena is thrown into space, never to be seen again.

If Twilight Sparkle were to not find all journal entries of the Terminium, Princess Celestia warns the mane six that the Terminium's power is still active and they have to hurry to find it's other source, while some mysterious pony (Mirena) watches over them and states they'll face the queen of evil. After that, they decide to travel back in time to find the pieces of clues of the Terminium to find out whose responsible. That means that in all chapters journal entries will be visible.

If Twilight Sparkle were to find all journal entries of the Terminium, she can engage in a secret boss known as Dark Queen Mirena, which is the pony responsible for creating the ore after defeating Virena. Princess Celestia congratulates the mane six for saving Equestria, and Twilight Sparkle decides she'll go after the titans of Nyx to find the element ore. She then calls for an expedition, with several ponies joining her. She after that recalibrates the portal to go somewhere else.


  • Luna, where Twilight Sparkle has to turn Nightmare Moon back to Princess Luna (11 battles)
  • Changelings, where Queen Chrysalis aims to attack Equestria (15 battles)
  • Research, Twilight Sparkle searches for evidence of attacks (7 battles)
  • Canterlot, Virena's attacks are reported at Canterlot (11 battles)
  • Dazzle, where the Dazzlings are here at Canterlot (6 battles)
  • Raider, where the mane six climb up the castle (15 battles)
  • Ascent, where the mane six continue the raid (13 battles)
  • Harmony, where the mane six finally fight against Virena (8 battles)
  • Mirena, secret chapter where Twilight Sparkle finds out Mirena was responsible for the mineral (5 battles)


Name Strength Energy Strongest Attack
Nightmare Moon High Medium Shadow Wave
Queen Chrysalis Medium High Changeling Laser
Abel "The Seeker" High Medium Cloak and seek
Dark Armor Medium High Phantom Hammer
The Dazzlings High High Music Blaster
Krantz "The Guardian" Medium Very high Doom Magnet
Ruby Moon "The Shadow" Very high high Dark Circles
Unholy Princess Virena High Very high Dark Starfall
Dark Queen Mirena Very high Very high Dark Splash Explosion (instant death in Celestia difficulty)

Difficulty Settings

As a Platinum beat-em-up game, this is expected.

  • Mare: For beginners. (enemies have 50% attack and health and attack slower)
  • Normal: For gamers familar with gameplay style. (enemies have 100% stats)
  • Lord: For veteran gamers. Very challenging. (enemies have 175% attack and health and have new attacks)
  • Discord: Unlocked after beating Lord. Expert gamers onward. Challenges get even more serious. (enemies have 200% attack 250% health, more aggressive, and enemy layout changes)
  • Celestia: Unlocked after beating Discord. Hardcore gamers will face on this, the greatest challenge that awaits. (enemies have 350% attack and 250% health stats, and Mirena's dark sphere explosion can kill the player with one hit regardless if they have two maxed out bars)

Unlike Devastation, there are achievements for beating Discord and Celestia difficulties.

Playable Characters

Character Name Harmony Burst
Twilight Sparkle Gram of Harmony: A circle of light surrounds Twilight and eliminates the enemy.
Pinkie Pie Star Cannon: Pinkie Pie unleashes star blasts from her cannon
Applejack Twister: Applejack unleashes high winds to throw the enemy up in the air, stunning them and damaging them
Fluttershy Soaring Swarm: Fluttershy calls for a swarm of light birds to fly towards the enemy and bursting into light.
Rarity Jewel Barrier: Rarity gets a gem colored barrier that reflects damage to the enemy that attacks, and halves damage.
Rainbow Dash Sonic Rainboom: Rainbow Dash summons a rainbow laser snake that follows her around and unleashes laser attacks against enemies.

Unique Weapons

This is a list of weapons obtainable from bosses. Unlike Devastation, you instead have a menu wheel between various weapons. There are no ranks in this game.

  • Gunslinger: This spell involves ranged attacks
  • Transform: This spell lets you transform into other monsters. Only one exists.
  • Enfeeble: This spell type lets you weaken enemies. Only one exists.
  • Sorceress: This spell type involves all around attacks combined
Weapon Name Attack Fighting Style Combos
Nightmare Tome Summon shadow waves. Gunslinger Low
Changeling Form Transform into a Changeling. Transform Medium
Dazzle Song Unleash music to weaken your enemy's stats. Enfeeble Low
Arkus Unleash a flurry of lasers. Gunslinger High
Dark Circle Summon ground circles that do damage to enemies. Sorceress Medium
Doom Magnet Pulls enemies towards you and does damage. Sorceress Medium
Virena's Fury Unleash four orbs that lock and drain enemy HP. Sorceress Low
Barrage Chase Unleash laser snakes and a circle of lasers. Sorceress High
Scarborough Fair Shoot magenta homing magic missiles that do high damage Gunslinger Low
Magic Blade Use a phantom blade to slash your enemies Sorceress High
Harmony Cannon Shoot energy stars at your enemies Gunslinger Low
Magic Hammer Use a phantom hammer to smash your enemies Sorceress Low


The game is more based on Legend of Korra, due to the fact that it inherits the counter-attack system instead of Witch Time, similar to Metal Gear Rising. with some differences;

  • The characters instead have upgradable health bars (max is two transcended health bars)
  • Characters use spells that they can unlock
  • There are no running stages with 90 degree turns that have hits instead of health bars
  • Characters can equip four spells on the weapon wheel, and two accessories
  • Ranks go from Stone to Pure Platinum (and unlike other licensed titles by Platinum you earn awards)
  • You can restart battles (if your going for Pure Platinum)
  • There is an alchemy system where the player can build consumables and spells (there are 5 consumables and 5 buildable weapons while the rest have to be unlocked)
  • Ponies can run (based off Panther Within)
  • Currency is bits (max is 999,999 bits)


Achievement Name How to Get Trophy Rank
Save Luna! Clear Chapter 1 in any difficulty Bronze
Fly Away, Changelings! Clear Chapter 2 in any difficulty Bronze
Found Anything? Clear Chapter 3 in any difficulty Bronze
Canterlot Guardian Clear Chapter 4 in any difficulty Bronze
Dazzle Drop Clear Chapter 5 in any difficulty Bronze
Castle Crashers Clear Chapter 6 in any difficulty Bronze
Topsy Turvy Clear Chapter 7 in any difficulty Bronze
Gotcha, Virena! Clear Chapter 8 in any difficulty Bronze
Equestria's Hero Clear the story mode in any difficulty Silver
Mystery Solved! Clear the secret chapter in any difficulty (Hidden) Silver
Vinyl Scratch Defeat 30 enemies with music only on Lord or higher Silver
Rise of Harmony Clear all chapters on Lord difficulty. Silver
Brave Frontier Clear all chapters on Discord difficulty. Silver
Celestia's Chosen One Clear all chapters on Celestia difficulty. Gold
Princess Platinum Get Pure Platinum on all chapters on Lord or higher Gold
Deaf Pony Defeat the Dazzlings without getting controlled by their music on Lord or higher Silver
Sly Mare As a Changeling, defeat 25 enemies without being noticed on Lord or higher Silver
Challenger Clear all the challenges on any difficulty Silver
Pro Challenger Clear all the challenges on Lord or higher Silver
Expert Challenger Clear all the challenges on Discord or higher. Silver
Celestia's Challenger Clear all the challenges on Celestia difficulty. Gold
Mare-o-netta Summon the Scarborough Fair spell. Gold
Celestia's Master Collect all of the achievements. Celestia congratulates you! Platinum


My Little Pony Explorers gave mixed to postive reviews, while some criticized it's short length. (the game can be beat in 4 to 5 hours) Despite the fact, it got noticed by MLP fan sites everywhere calling it "a wish for an official MLP game come true" and had high ratings from users.


  • This is another Platinum game to have a second ending, when rumors of a second ending were aboard of Transformers Devastation, it was decided it would be added.

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