My Little Pony: Source is a Steam-exclusive game using the Source engine based off of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise. The game has you traversing a three-dimensional colourful environment as one of six ( actually seven! ) heroes.

Plot/Level Progression

The game is divided up into three different chapters of an episodic nature.

Chapter 1: The Elements of Harmony

The game opens on Twilight Sparkle standing in her house in Canterlot with Spike. Spike teaches her how to move and use her Skill, Magic. Soon, Twilight realises that tomorrow is the thousandth year of the Summer Sun Celebration, and according to the legends, Nightmare Moon will soon bring night eternal!

Twi rushes out the door and runs to Princess Celestia's palace, however Celestia is away at the moment but left a message for Twi: 'Head into Ponyville and make sure the SSC is ready!' so she and Spike head off... More coming!

Chapter 2: Chocolate Rain

Chapter 3: tbd


Playable Characters

  • Twilight Sparkle: A unicorn. Twilight's Skill is her horn, which can move objects and entities around like a Physics Gun.
  • Pinkie Pie: An earth pony. Pinkie's Skill is her Party Cannon, which can cause serious damage to enemies.
  • Rainbow Dash: A pegasus. RD's Skill is her Speed Dash, a quick, straight and erratic flight capable of damaging enemies.
  • Rarity: A unicorn. Her Skill is her Hat Power, enabling her to put anything in some sort of silly decorative clothes, since this is,after all, a Source game, so... hats! (Actually pretty useless...)
  • Applejack: An earth pony. Applejack's Skill is her Kick, a strong and sturdy attack.
  • Fluttershy: A pegasus. Her Skill is The Stare which enables her to scare enemies from hurting her. I warned you about the stares, bro.
  • Derpy Hooves: A pegasus. Derpy's Skill is her Portal Gun/ASHPD she somehow obtained, which can place blue and orange portals on flat surfaces.
    • To unlock this character, you must complete the main game once!

At the outset of Chapter 1, Twilight Sparkle is the only playable character. Eventually, you meet the other five characters and may choose to play as them at any time thereafter. You may do the same with the secret character after completeing the game.


Instead of having sets of weapons various people can use to fight, every character has one weapon that is unique to them, called a Skill. The skills have been discussed above.

Elements of Harmony

At points during each chapter, the ponies will use the Elements of Harmony. The ponies have extra health, speed and power in this form.


  • Shadowbolt
  • Ghoulish Tree
  • Bug Skittler
  • Bug Beast
  • Cockatrice
  • Guard of the Night Eternal
  • Discorded Pony
  • Laughing Balloon
  • Hedge Fiend
  • Mutated Discorded Pony
  • Changeling



Bonus Levels

Derpy Science



to be finished

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