My Little Pony: Puzzle Solving is Magic, is a puzzle-solving video game by Sactown Studios. The game is based off of the popular televison series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


My Little Pony: Puzzle-Solving is Magic features the same gameplay as in Panel de Pon. The objective is to clear blocks from the playfield by arranging them in horizontal or vertical lines of three or more blocks. A continuous stream of new blocks pushes up from the bottom of the playfield, causing the entire playfield to rise continuously. If the blocks reach the top of the playfield, the player loses. The player can temporarily stop the progression of blocks by scoring combos and chains, and in two-player battles, these actions also cause garbage blocks to stack on top of the opponent's playfield. Like Pokémon Puzzle League, My Little Pony: Puzzle Solving is Magic features a 3D mode in addition to the traditional 2D mode. In this mode, gameplay takes place on a cylinder with an effective width of 18 blocks, compared to the six-block width of the flat 2D field. It also features the original block design from Panel de Pon and Tetris Attack, as well as a My Little Pony-oriented design (which is selected by default). In two-player games, players can select one of mutiple ponies to play as.



Twilight Sparkle is in her library reading. Spike runs in saying that there is a letter from Princess Celestia, and that it was urgent. Twilight picks up the letter and begins reading it. She becomes excited, and bounces off the walls. Spike wonders what the big deal until Twilight explains that she is to participate in the Equestria Puzzle League, and try and be crowned the Puzzle Master. She runs out the door, and Spike follows her.

Starter Characters

Image Name Theme Description
Twilight sparkle by bl1ghtmare-d4h10dq Twilight Sparkle
Applejack vector Applejack
RainbowDash 2 Rainbow Dash
Dancing fluttershy vector Fluttershy
Rarity2 Rarity
493px-PinkiePieHiRes Pinkie Pie
SpikeMLP Spike

Secret Characters

Image Name Theme Description
1000px-CastleCreator BigMacintosh Big Macintosh
TheTrixieSupremacyDrawfest20132dcencia Trixie
Apple Bloom
Sweetie belle vector by tigersoul96 Sweetie Belle
Vinyl Scratch by MoongazePonies Vinyl Scratch
Colgate by lKittyTaill Colgate
Berry Punch
Carrot Top
Dizzy Twister
137334 - artist-peachspices Gilda vector Gilda