Developer(s) Fantengrumps
Publisher(s) Fantengrumps
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo Immerse and Nintendo Silver
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platformer/RPG
Series My Little Pony
Media Included Game Disk

My Little Pony: Adventure is Magic is a 3D platformer RPG game made by Fantengrumps for the Wii UNintendo Immerse and Nintendo Silver. The game is based on the famous TV Show My Little Pony, featuring characters and locations from the Show.


Chapter 1: Ponyville, Here We Come!

Twilight Sparkle is sent to Ponyville to prepare for the Summer Sun Celebration, but has suspicions that Nightmare Moon may be true. She goes to Ponyville and meets Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy. However, on the night of the Summer Sun Celebration, Nightmare Moon attacks, and the 6 ponies set out to find her in the Everfree Forest.


The game is a 3D platformer, the player controls the ponies, at start, only Twilight is playable, the other ponies are unlocked after you beat quests, this game features quests given by the NPC's, the quests are basic, like go to certain place, talk with some one and etc..., the enemy battles works like Kingdom Hearts, but without the Keyblades, this time, the ponies have spells that can be used on the battles. There's also summons that appears on the level and helps the player using a certain attack. Different variantions of the pony can also be unlocked.



Character Name Description Stats How to Unlock Variants
Twilight sparkle vector by fenixthefox93-d4pzah4 Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is the first playable pony and one of the most well-rounded. She has some of the highest Magic and Skill stats and is ready to help her friends save Equestria!
  • Stamina: 15/325
  • Speed: 55
  • Skill: 65
  • Magic: 75
Starter Gala, Nightmare Night, Princess
RainbowDash2 Rainbow Dash The Element of Loyalty is here, and she may have an ego, but hey, she is really fast. Rainbow Dash is the fastest pony to play as, and while she's low on Stamina and not too skilled, she can bring down enemies in 10 seconds flat!
  • Stamina: 20/355
  • Speed: 95
  • Skill: 55
  • Magic: 75
Meet her in Ponyville Gala, Nightmare Night, Wonderbolt Uniform
Applejack Applejack Yeehaw! Applejack is the Element of Honesty, and she'll be bucking down enemies like apple trees! She has lots of skill and good attacks, so she'll be a great team player. When evil comes, Applejack's ready to face it head-on!
  • Stamina: 35/375
  • Speed: 65
  • Skill: 85
  • Magic: 65
Meet her in Sweet Apple Acres Gala, Nightmare Night, Young Granny Smith
493px-PinkiePieHiRes Pinkie Pie Let's PARTY! Pinkie Pie's a wacky party girl, and has overall high stats. Her moves are designed to trick the enemy with odd logic- just like the pony using them! She'll leave anything in her way with a confused look and a sugar-induced belly ache.
  • Stamina: 40/390
  • Speed: 55
  • Skill: 85
  • Magic: 55
Meet her in Ponyville Gala, Nightmare Night, Pinkamena
Dancing fluttershy vector Fluttershy Um... is it ok if I do this? Fluttershy is a very timid pony with well-rounded stats and a love of animals. She's the Element of Kindness, but she's ready to help her friends stop disharmony across Equestria.
  • Stamina: 35/385
  • Speed: 75
  • Skill: 35
  • Magic: 55
Meet her in Everfree Forest. Gala, Nightmare Night, Work Out Clothes
Rarity Rarity TBA
  • Stamina: 45/400
  • Speed: 55
  • Skill: 35
  • Magic: 25
Meet her in Carousel Boutique. Gala, Fancy Hat, Canterlot Attire


Character Name Description Role Found at
100px-Applebloomfornavbox Apple Bloom TBA Teaches how to use the spells. At Sweet Apple Acres.
100px-Scootaloofornavbox Scootaloo TBA Teaches battle techinques. At the center of Ponyville.
100px-Sweetiebellefornavbox Sweetie Belle TBA Shop Keeper. At Rarity's boutique.
Babsseed Babs Seed TBA Teaches advanced battle techniques At Sweet Apple Acres.
DerpyHooves Derpy Hooves TBA Give some mails (that are quests or other stuff) At Ponyville's Mail Station
DJPon3 DJ Pon-3 TBA Save the game. At Pony Club.
Zecora Zecora TBA Teaches new spells. Everfree Forest


Character Name Description Attack Found at
SpikeMLP Spike Twilight's #1 assistant is here to help her and her friends to save Equestria! Fire Breath Starter
PrincessCelestia 250 tropicalsunset Princess Celestia TBA TBA Princess Celestia's Castle
Princess Luna Princess Luna TBA TBA Princess Celestia's Castle
1000px-CastleCreator BigMacintosh Big McIntosh TBA TBA Sweet Apple Acres
Lyra Lyra TBA TBA Ponyville Center



Name Given by Task Rewards
1 Ponyville Princess Celestia Go to Ponyville and meet the other ponies.
  • Spike became a summon.
  • Pinkie Pie joins the Party.
  • £75+
2 Apple Catering Spike Go to Sweet Apple Acres and check on catering.
  • Apple Bloom teaches you spell basics
  • Applejack joins the Party
  • £100+
3 Dash Battle Spike Go to the Ponyville's Center and win a race against Rainbow Dash.
  • Speed increases.
  • Rainbow Dash joints the Party.
  • £100+
4 Extreme Pony Make-Up Spike Go to Rarity's Boutique and challenges her in a Make-Up minigame.
  • Rarity joins to the party.
  • £100+
5 Just Sing Spike Go the Woods and beat Fluttershy in a music minigame.
  • Fluttershy joins to the party.
  • £100+
6 Pinkie's Fantastic Party Spike Go to Pinkie's House.
  • £100+
7 Summer Sun Celebration Princess Celestia Go to the Summer Sun Celebration
  • End of Chapter 1


Name Type Damage Used by Description
Magic Aura Attack 15

Twilight Sparkle (at Level 2)​

Twilight charges her power and attack the opponent, transforming the power into a "laser".
Teleport Defense None

All playable ponies (at Level 3)

It can be used to dodge from the enemies attacks.
Sonic Rainboom Attack 125 Rainbow Dash (at level 30) Rainbow Dash's finisher attack.
Party Cannon Attack 125 Pinkie Pie (at level 30) Pinkie Pie's finisher attack.


  • Ponyville: The main hub, here you gain access to the other levels in the game.
  • Sweet Apple Acres: A farm, here you meet Applejack.
  • Sugarcube Corner: The local sweets shop. Here, you can take a break and fill up your HP.
  • Everfree Forest: TBA.
  • Carousel Boutique: TBA.



Boss Name Description HP Found at
Nightmare Moon Nightmare Moon TBA 150 Celestia's Castle
Discord Discord TBA 175 Ponyville
Trixie Trixie TBA 200 Wizard's Arena