My Idol In You is the sixth episode of series 2 of Super Mario. It aired on 19th June, 2015.



Berinda realises that she is the only one of her sisters who does not have a crush, because if this, Rievoah sets Berinda up with Larry Koopa. This causes Troop Sr. to have a feud with Bowser, since he does not want his daughter dating a Koopaling.

Meanwhile, Brighton teases Mario with a Fire Flower. When Mario gets it, he attacks Brighton and gets sent to jail. Police Guy says that if Mario is to be bailed out, 800 coins will need to be paid. Luigi then decides to go all over the Mushroom Kingdom to collect coins to bail Mario out. Brighton also agrees to help him. BJ Toast also returns to provide (useless) commentary.

Rievoah gets Berinda and Larry to sit together in a lounge and serves both of them a bottle of Pepsi, which Berinda is concerned about drinking due to the events a few episodes ago. Larry attempts to flirt with her, and she evens says that he is cute. This is successful until Troop Sr. storms in, pushes Larry away and demands Berinda does not date a Koopa.

Meanwhile, Luigi and Brighton bump into King Boo. King Boo says that he give them a 1,000 coin loan, but they will have to pay him back "some" interest. Luigi is concerned about this, but Brighton says they should take it, since he does not really not know about interest.

Police Guy discusses the Berinda-Larry relationship to Princess Peach. He says that he should gather Troop Sr. and Bowser together to make an agreement and make a final decision about it. Peach says she does not trust Bowser and that he will make a bed decision, but Police Guy goes for it anyway.

The next day, Police Guy talks to Troop Sr. and Bowser. Bowser says that Troop shouldn't care at all and that they are just in a minor relationship. Troop, however, says that it would be like a human falling in love with a pig; it just does not work. Police Guy suggests to let them have a good few hours with each other and he will use a camera to watch them. About an hour later, he gets Berinda and Larry to spend time at a fun centre called E.X.T.R.E.M.E. and uses a floating spy camera to watch them.

Meanwhile, Luigi bails Mario out. Mario apologises to Brighton for attacking him and they go to E.X.T.R.E.M.E., ironically bumping into Berinda and Larry. Luigi asks why Berinda is hanging out with a Koopaling. Berinda admots that Rievoah suggested it all and Police Guy says it is a good idea.

Luigi then goes to the bathroom, but just as he is coming out, King Boo appears and demands 4,000 coins from Luigi or he will turn him into a Yoshi Egg. Luigi says he does not have that much. King Boo then shows his wand, with Luigi running away.

Luigi shouts out that King Boo is wandering around the away. Everyone thinks he is joking, but he appears and locks everyone away. Police Guy notices this via his camera, which breaks from a wand attack. He then drives to E.X.T.R.E.M.E. Berinda then phones her father to save them. He gets Tiarer, Rievoah and Chain Chomp to help him.

Brighton tries to fight King Boo with magic, but gets wounded in the process. Larry tells Berinda to hide, but she states that there is nowhere to hide, but she has phoned her father. Suddenly, Peach and Police Guy appear, breaking down the door, whilst being distracted by more of BJ Toast's pointless commentary.

Mario opens a cupboard to find that Toadette and Toadokay were here aswell. Toadette says that she agreed to loan with King Boo as well and she is in 8,000 coins of debt and she is never going to take out a bank loan in the future. Toadokay notices Peach and Police Guy getting trapped in two bubbles by King Boo. Mario tries to save them, but he spors Chain Chomp popping them, with Rievoah and Toad holding him. King Boo tries to strike Chain Chomp, but Troop Sr. throws Tiarer on top of King Boo's head and she grabs his wand, teleporting him away.

E.X.T.R.E.M.E. remains destroyed in the process. Berinda says that she is not ready for a relationship just yet, rejecting Laary. Troop asks Bowser if he wants to trade phone numbers (which he rejects) and Brighton teases Mario with a coin bag, but decides ot is a better idea to just give him it. Brighton then looks at the camera as it fades away.


  • The is the first episode which includes Brighton but does not include Twila. Though, Twila is mentioned twice.
  • This is the first episode in the series to focus on Berinda.

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