My Bleak Empire

My Bleak Empire  is a hardcore open-world fighting video game, and spiritual successor/remake to the umbrella hit, Radioactive. It is planned to be released on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2017. It has been rated "M" for mature by ESRB and "18" by PEGI for violence, obscene language, fearful scenes, sexual references and drug references.

The game features a large cast of characters hailing from all around the video gaming industry, who are captured and forced to fight each other in a mysterious environment, unbeknown to them that the entire situation was caused by the Grandmaster, called Hecate. The main aim in the competition is to kill or be killed, and one by one, they will fall unless they can somehow figure out all of the facts that constructed their situation, and stop it in its tracks before it claims even more lives.

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The End of My Bleak Empire is the Story Mode of the game. While details are still very scarce on the story of the game, it is assumed that the plot will take a similar turn to that of Radioactive. Due to the title, it may also have a stronger theme of power, and kings and queens, as the chessboard and respective pieces are referenced a lot in the title and logo. It is also heavily hinted at that the game's story will be longer to incorporate all of the characters in some way in a significant role.

You can find a death table here, which simply shows all of the deaths in the game so far.

Season 1

The End of My Bleak Empire is regarded as seasons, all of which have an undetermined amount of episodes as of now. The entire first season was released alongside the base game, while further seasons will be released in the future for free when they are completed, in an attempt to boost the longevity of the game after launch. Every in-game episode is said to last up to 3-hours in game, as well as the game play which could add more time to the average.

The first season focuses on the player characters, Asteria and Persus, as well as the main villain Hecate.

No. (series) No. (season) Title Air Date
1 1 Fight For Your Life 2017
The story opens in the middle of a forest, where a character is lying on the ground, seemingly asleep. Suddenly, she wakes up, as a random group charges past her, barely missing her as they run riot. She stands up, and brushes the dust off her clothing. She pauses, and a computer-generated "Asteria" shoots across the screen, introducing her as the female protagonist. 


My Bleak Empire plays reflective to the Radioactive series, where you play as a character in a random number of environments predetermined before you start up the game. You can freely roam in a large number of worlds, where the main goal is to kill other plays and emerge victorious, however, as you can imagine, it isn't exactly that simple. There are a number of conditions that can affect you, such as weather, nutrition, and wildlife. However, when playing the Story Mode of the game, some of these conditions will be altered for story purposes. 

You have a limit of health in the game, which can be depleted through many methods. If you don't keep eating food and drinking clean water, you can lose health and become more slow and sluggish as your travel the world. Less health makes your vision become more blurred and less clear, making it harder to move around the world. You can regain health through eating healthy food or drinking a clean drink, but if you have an open wound from combat, you will need to treat that first to stop your health from diminishing.

Enemies are broken down into regular characters and bosses, with bosses being seen as more threatening and are generally harder to defeat. 

Empire Ender

Empire Enders are the finishing moves or final moves in the game which will kill your opponent. Every character has at least one Empire Ender which is exclusive to themselves only, which usually reflects the characters personality and play style in the game. Some Empire Enders are unlocked when specific requirements are met within the game, so not all characters will have them right off the bat.

Pentagram Summons

Pentagram Summons are similar to the way Assist Trophies work in the Super Smash Bros. series, however they are somewhat different. Lesser known characters or ones with smaller move set potential can be summoned to the stage, and deal attacks to the enemy. They will remain on the stage until the enemy manages to defeat them, making the ones with better abilities very powerful if not stopped. 

Characters are summoned when your Pentagram Gauge is filled up. It fills up when you take damage from enemy attacks, and can be set to either activate immediately upon filling up, or manually through the back triggers being pressed simultaneously, the same method as empire enders.

Pentacle Rating

Every fully playable character has a Pentacle Rating, to show how strong of a character they are. Pentacles are rated out of ten, with one being the lowest and ten being the highest. 

Game Modes

Alliance Mode

Alliance Mode is the first mode you encounter in the game. Similar to Faction War in Mortal Kombat X, you have to select an alignment which will give you greater access to items, moves, and other bonuses which help the characters that are also aligned in the same faction as you are. During battles and other fights in the game, you will earn a special type of experience points called Allegiance Points, which are the basis for unlocking the new content for your Alliance. There are several different Alliances that you can be a part of, all with different benefits.

Conquest Mode

Conquest Mode is the main game play mode in the game, aside from the Story Mode. In Conquest, you play through the tournament as one of the many characters in the roster without all the cut scenes and events that occur in the cinematic story mode. It is unlocked when you complete the first chapter of the story, and can be repeatedly played as many times as you wish. 

Bizarre Bazaar

The Bizarre Bazaar is the biggest store in existence, with many useful and essential items for any tournament-go'er. Here, you can receive and purchase many items to aid your experiences in the tournament. The Bazaar arguably has more use during the story mode of the game, however it can be accessed outside of that mode as well. 

You can also converse with characters in the upstairs Cafe, and learn more about them personally outside of the tournament. However, these conversations cannot boost your friendships during the tournament, as they're supposed to be set outside of that environment. Hopefully, you can gain insight into that character's personality, and use that information outside of the situation to your advantage.

Mission Mad

Mission Mad is unlocked after completing the Story Mode for the first time, and serves as a large part of the post-game of My Bleak Empire. Out of nowhere, a lot of Fantendo characters are showing up, and are randomly attacking people, as if they've gone mad. It is your job to defeat them in battle, and hopefully calm them down. 

A full list of missions will be added soon.


The Ladder is a mode where you must fight enemies 1 on 1 in order to win prizes. The first ladder is set number of opponents, who are the same for everybody, but after defeating the first one, they become randomised for every other attempt at climbing the Ladder.


Many different characters are set to be presented in My Bleak Empire. Similar to other games that have larger rosters than the normal, like the LEGO video games, you can unlock different characters through the story mode of the game, when their character arc begins. There are also several other methods to unlocking characters, most of which will be explained in the respective section.  

Base Characters
ClownpieceEmpire CorrinEmpire HarleyQuinnEmpire GenociderSyoEmpire RunbowEmpire RougeEmpire TapuKokoEmpire
LeoEmpire MicaiahEmpire CocoEmpire DaroachEmpire BigEmpire UlalaEmpire AgnesEmpire
MarisaEmpire HumanTorchEmpire HenryEmpire ZavokEmpire ZoroarkEmpire Alice2Empire BayonettaEmpire
CloudStrifeEmpire KitanaEmpire KratosEmpire LaraCroftEmpire LightningEmpire LinkEmpire RyuEmpire
SamusEmpire SnakeEmpire SpaceInvaderEmpire TaranzaEmpire AnnEmpire KomaruEmpire AiryEmpire
AthenaCykesEmpire BanjoandKazooieEmpire BatmanEmpire BombermanEmpire JackEmpire ChunLiEmpire EliseEmpire
AkiraEmpire AquaEmpire LinEmpire MilliaRageEmpire MimikyuEmpire PitEmpire SonicEmpire

Unlocked Characters
AveiraEmpire VermilionEmpire MynisEmpire NicomeEmpire GummSlashEmpire AliceEmpire CiriestaEmpire
KrystalEmpire IvanEmpire LianaEmpire PrincessPeppermintEmpire ErisiEmpire MelissaEmpire UntenEmpire
TessEmpire TiffanyEmpire BeckEmpire AmyEmpire AranEmpire CinnaburnEmpire ClairEmpire
LiamenoEmpire CuraEmpire MaleficientEmpire ParvatiEmpire PentaEmpire SyiEmpire XerraEmpire

Pentagram Summons
CreamtheRabbitEmpire EmilyEmpire FatPrincessEmpire JetstreamSamEmpire KanonNakajimaEmpire RaymanEmpire RidleyEmpire SeafearEmpire
SusieEmpire Tr'pEmpire BombellEmpire CarmellaEmpire DrNeedlenamEmpire EmolgaEmpire IsaacEmpire KlonoaEmpire
LilacEmpire LittleMacEmpire LunaEmpire MagearnaEmpire MaskedManEmpire MaxwellEmpire QuoteEmpire RamsayEmpire
ReddandHelloonEmpire SlyPaperfoxEmpire SmorshmellowEmpire VizroEmpire BowserEmpire ChandelureEmpire FoxEmpire InklingEmpire
JunkratEmpire MarioEmpire MedusaEmpire PalutenaEmpire RibbonGirlEmpire ScaideEmpire ShantaeEmpire WidowmakerEmpire
WiiFitTrainerEmpire YoshiEmpire AeroandBeamEmpire DaraEmpire FawfulEmpire GoblinEmpire LigeiaEmpire LuxandTeneEmpire
MakotoNiijimaEmpire OfftheHookEmpire ScroogeMcDuckEmpire YookaLayleeEmpire



Pentagram Summons


Enemies are recurring enemies that will attack you in the game. Enemies range in power and abilities, their difficulty will be highlighted through a traffic light system, of easy, medium and hard. 



Bosses are more powerful characters that will be harder to defeat in the game. Bosses roam freely in the worlds, but if you engage in combat with them, they will attack you harshly. You need to make sure you're prepared before you tackle them head on. After defeating them, you will receive rewards based on your performance.

SkullGreymonEmpire CyberdemonEmpire AxelEmpire ExatenoEmpire DarkMaidenEmpire


The battlegrounds for My Bleak Empire are separated into arenas, which can be accessed through special portals located all over the arenas. As more deaths occur in the story, more Arenas are opened up to the surviving participants, which will also unlock them in freeplay.

The Woods The Woods is an arena covered in a large oak forest, with trees taller than average, making them impossible to climb for the ordinary person. It is easy to get lost in the Woods 
Theme: Out of the Woods (Instrumental)
The Swamp The Swamp is an arena inhabited fully by marshland and swamp, making it hard to cross without some extra equipment. 
Theme: TBA
Construction Site The Construction Site is a very dangerous place, with wrecking balls and girders flying around everywhere, hitting anyone in the path and more than likely killing them. 
Theme: TBA


Downloadable content has been confirmed for the game, however it has not been explained what extent it will go to. It is highly speculated it will be similar to Radioactive's Downloadable content, which characters, costumes, and other little things been added as time goes on. There has also been speculation for the Radioactive Ballot to return, of course re-titled as presumably the "My Bleak Empire Ballot".

Season Pass

The Season Pass allows players to receive DLC content a week earlier than those who buy the individual characters or packs. 


My Bleak Empire will have its own complete soundtrack.



The differet logs used for game updates.

Update Log

This is mainly existing for me to keep track on making some progress on the game each day, but you may also find some enjoyment from it as well.

  • June 28: Created the page, and announced six characters.
  • June 29: Revealed two new characters and introduced and wrote two biographies, as well as a beta move set.
  • June 30: Revealed the main game mode "CHECKMATE" and also uploaded a banner for Alliance mode. Also added a death chart.
  • July 01: Finshed two more biographies, and explained Empire Enders. Also added the Roster Reasoning subpage, the unlock requirements table, the reception header, the new Empie forum, and six more characters.
  • July 02: Three biographies done, not much else. Was also working on the renaming of the overall universe and making sure everything fit well.
  • July 08: Added four new characters, but haven't added them to other respective sections yet.
  • July 10: Added eight new characters. 
  • July 12: Added two new characters. Probably the last for a bit until I get more sections of the article filled out, including descriptions.
  • August 20: Added ten new character descriptions, added two new characters.
  • October 21: Added 26 new characters and 4 new modes.
  • October 23: Cleanup.
  • December 18: Further clean up, converting biographies to the new format.
  • December 20: Moved the table to a separate sub page, updated the story mode with the new format, added some information on how the season pass will work. Finished converting all biographies to the new format, too.
  • May 05: Added three new characters, added more biographies.
  • May 13: Expanded on game modes.
  • May 14: Added more biographies, changed a lot of table coding.
  • July 09: Renamed to My Bleak Empire, added 6 new characters.
  • July 11: Completed the standard soundtrack.
  • July 12: Added Pentagram summons.
  • July 18: Expanded on gameplay and revealed bosses.
  • July 21: Added the first boss and added a mission mode.
  • July 27: Confirmed 7 new characters and three bosses w/o descriptions.
  • August 01: Revealed the Enemies system and added a new boss w/o description.
  • August 03: Added Arenas to the game, as well as adding moves to the tables.

Character Reveal Log

  • June 28: Clownpiece was revealed, with Corrin, Harley Quinn, Mynis, Genocider Syo and Runbow following shortly after.
  • June 29: Aveira and Vermilion were revealed.
  • June 30: Rouge and Nicome were revealed.
  • July 01: Tapu Koko, Gumm-Slash, Leo, Micaiah, Coco Bandicoot, and Daroach were revealed.
  • July 08: Alice, Big the Cat, Ivan and Ulala were revealed.
  • July 10: Ciriesta, Krystal, Agnes, Marisa, Liana, Human Torch, Henry and Zavok were revealed.
  • July 12: Princess Peppermint and Erisi were revealed.
  • August 20: Melissa Dust and Unten were revealed.
  • September 03: Tiffany and Tess were revealed.
  • October 21: 26 new characters were revealed.
  • May 05: 3 new characters were revealed, Komaru, Ann Takamaki and Arial.
  • July 09: 6 new characters were revealed, Airy, Athena Cykes, Banjo and Kazooie, Bomberman, Batman and Jack of Swords. 
  • July 21: SkullGreymon was revealed as the first boss.
  • July 27: 7 new characters and 3 new bosses were revealed.
  • August 01: Introduced Enemies and added Dark Maiden as a boss.

Roster Reasoning

You can see my reasoning for adding certain characters here.

Death Table

You can see the Death Table here.

Survival Chart / Tiers

This section will most likely be bare until the entire cast of the game is revealed.

This will be expanded upon new characters being revealed for the game.


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My Bleak Empire has been very positively received, by critics and fans alike. The game was initially teased in early 2016, which led some fans to speculate a new title in the Radioactive series following Remastered. The final logo for the project was teased at the end of Illusion Works' E3 2016 presentation, and then following the show it was confirmed that My Bleak Empire was the remake of the Radioactive series.

Due to being unreleased as of now, My Bleak Empire has no critical scores or reviews, or wikia awards. However, many critics have explained their interest and "hype" in the game and are highly anticipating its release.


  • My Bleak Empire was initially created on June 28, 2016.
  • My Bleak Empire is inspired by many different games and forms of media, especially Battle Royale, The Hunger Games, Radioactive and Until Dawn. There are also some mechanics and modes based off of other games like Fire Emblem or Hyrule Warriors.
  • The emblem for My Bleak Empire was a scorpion, the same one that was presented in the logo. However, the significance, if any, has not been explained.
  • Origin dates for Fantendo articles are determined from the day they were created, instead of released, as they are fictional in real-world sense.
  • Credit to Athena Hawkins (tbc) for the Unlock Requirements table.
  • Credit to Renzo-Senpai on DeviantART for the SkullGreymon render.

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