Mute City Serial Gaps (ミュート市シリアルギャップ, Myūto ichi shiriarugyappu) is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Universe, based off of the track of the same name in F-Zero GX.


Much like both Port Town Aero Dive, and Mute City (Melee), battles are fought on a platform that travels around the stage while making stops around various parts of the track. Unlike Port Town in the previous installment of Smash, the racers are more aggressive and will attack each other and the opponents throughout the race.

  • The start/finish line. The terrain is very flat, and it is very difficult to avoid the F-Zero racers. Unlike Port Town Aero Dive, the battle will start at the same time the racers take off from the finish line.


Ever since the original F-Zero, Mute City has been one of the recurring locations that hosts race courses for the F-Zero Grand Prix, along with Port Town, Big Blue, White Land, Fire Field, and Sand Ocean. In all three of the main games in the series, Mute City has had nine tracks to its name. This particular circuit, Mute City Serial Gaps, is the setting of the last race of the Sapphire Cup in F-Zero GX. The layout and overall design of this stage resembles how it looked in F-Zero GX. Also, the majority of the F-Zero machines seen in this stage first appeared in F-Zero X and had a graphical update in F-Zero GX. The F-Zero machines in this stage are based off of the machines featured in F-Zero GX.


Series Title Notes
FZeroSymbol1 Mute City
FZeroSymbol1 Cover of Mute City (GX)
  • Pulled directly from F-Zero GX.
FZeroSymbol1 Theme of Captain Falcon
  • Pulled directly from F-Zero GX.
FZeroSymbol1 Theme of Jody Summer
  • Pulled directly from F-Zero GX.
  • Pulled directly from F-Zero GX.
FZeroSymbol1 Bianca City
FZeroSymbol1 Cloud Carpet
FZeroSymbol1 The Meaning of Truth
  • Pulled directly from the F-Zero Anime.

Unlockable Characters Fought

The following characters are fought on this stage upon fulfilling a task in order to earn the fighter. They are as follows.

Image Name How to Unlock
Jody Jody Summer
  • Complete Crazy Orders with Captain Falcon.
  • Play 50 VS matches.
GX Lily Flyer Lily Flyer
  • Complete Event #37 - Galaxy Girls
  • Play 203 VS matches.
Ryusuzaku Rick Wheeler
  • ???
  • ???


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