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Mutation is a fan fiction series created by Sr.Wario in 2015. Dealing with Memes, the series attempts to give personality to memes and make them characters. The story deals with a large group of "Memes" concepts given life that live in the IMD, a warped disturbing place created by an ancient evil order. From here, the story expands on their adventures and the backstory of IMD.


Dank Memes

  • Trollface: The dankest meme. He runs the shelter, and uses trickery to defeat his enemies. In his younger years, he used his intelligence to annoy and prank people, but has matured.
  • Rage Guy: Trollface's older, less mature, more abrasive brother. Rage Guy has an incredibly short temper but a good heart inside. He uses his rage to fight his enemies.
  • Fuck Yeah: The younger rebel Dank Meme, Fuck Yeah expresses excitement at everything and pretends to be incredibly cool. He uses sunglasses to fight enemies.
  • Y U NO: An exchange Meme who is of a mysterious origin and speaks in an odd nonsensical accent and has a garbled native language. He uses grammar to fight enemies.
  • Forever Alone: A depressed pesimistic meme, Forever Alone is a lonely hero who does good because it's the right thing, not because it'll make a difference. He uses his tears to fight enemies.

Meme Guests



I: Evolve

The Dank Memes know little beyond their small shelter in the wide twisted world of IMD, taking in new Memes and protecting them from evil.

II: Transcend

The Dank Memes learn more about their mysterious world than they'd like to...

III: Ascend

The Dank Memes take up arms against their mysterious enemies, with conflicted feelings.

IV: Mutate

In the final part, the war reaches it's last stretch. Sacrifices must be made, ideas twisted, and beliefs broken.





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