This is a Fan-fic made exclusively by the head of Boulder Games Inc. If you could try and refrain from editing (except if you are fixing grammatical errors or typos) that would be great. You may now read the following Fan-fic.

It was going so fast that it was gaining speed with each quick step it took. John couldn't bear to watch himself get rammed so he simply closed his eyes and started flinching. It was about to run into him at any second. He heard of something getting electrocuted followed by a big thud. He slowly opened his eyes to see the robot/man lying on the floor dazed. He then saw next to it was none other than Matt himself with some sort of electric weapon in his right hand. But not only was he surprised that Matt had appeared, it was surprising that Matt was wearing a very similar jacket to the ones the two older men were wearing.

"I was on my way to M.H headquarters when I saw you could use some help." Matt said smiling.

"You work for the Mutant Hunters?" John asked a little skeptical. "My dad is one of them. I'm his apprentice. But I think I've got this "fighting and hunting mutants" thing down." Matt replied, a little bit cocky. "Come on, we have to contain this mutant before he gains wakes up. Titanium isn't the best conductor to electricity. He could gain consciousness at any time." Matt then drags the unconscious body to a big blue circle. He then presses a green button on the wall, that makes a giant metal claw pick up the body and places it in a giant iron chamber. "This chamber will keep him unconscious for as long the mutant is in there. And if their is a slim chance it wakes up, it will be shocked until it regains unconsciousness again."

"I know you probably can't take care of a buff mutant with sharp metal claws right now. But with my experience and skills and your creativity and intelligence, we will become the best Mutant Hunters this agency has ever known."

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