This is a Fan-fic made exclusively by the head of Boulder Games Inc. If you could try and refrain from editing (except if you are fixing grammatical errors or typos) that would be great. You may now read the following Fan-fic.

"Come on sweetie, It'll be lots of fun." The mother encouraged him. "Isn't Matt your best friend? It'll be a real treat for you to play with him. I bet he's bored out of his skull right now without any friends. Why don't you make his day."

"I just don't feel like it right now." The almost teenager said stubbornly.

"Well at least do something then."

John gave a long sigh then replied by saying "Okay, fine, I'll go ride my bike

"But isn't it a bit late to be riding your bike at this time of night?" The mother said worriedly.

"I'll be fine mom." He said irritatedly.

"Just be careful, I would never forgive my self if anything were to happen to you."

"I know you wouldn't. But you let me stay at the house when you're not there, and there is a possibility that a burglar would come and rob us or take me hostage, but that's never happened. So why would you think something would happen now. I promise you mom, I'll be careful."

"Alright honey, just be safe" She tried to kiss him on the forehead but he wouldn't let her. Instead he decided to give her a quick hug. Then he opened the door and walked out. "Don't forget to wear a helmet!" His mom shouted. But he was already riding down the street. He was sure that nothing would happen to him. He had done this plenty of times when his mom wasn't at the house.

It was sort of dark but luckily the street lamps were on so he could kind of see. There wasn't a lot of cars out so he thought he didn't have too be extremely cautious. He was passing the electric poles when suddenly a spark of electricity zapped from the electric poles and nearly hit John. He immediately saw a water hydrant just blow up squirting water everywhere making the roads a little slippery. He then noticed a black car was following him with great speed. John quickly rode faster to lose it but it was still gaining on him. All of a sudden the power goes out. It's now pitch black and John can only see the headlights of the car coming closer and closer to him. Suddenly John crashes into a brick wall. He then passes out from the overwhelming pain. A man in a black suit with the letters M.H on his back comes out of the car and picks the boy up. He then puts him in the passengers seat and he goes back in the car in drives back into the darkness.

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