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The Zaxinian Lifts form what is arguably considered to be the most popular content created by Athena Hawkins (tbc). This is a universe parallel to the New Fantendoverse; while taking place at around the same time in its modern era, it is mostly its own thing and doesn't share many ties to the Fantendoverse itself. Interactions are normally only through crossovers, with few exceptions.

The Zaxinian Lifts' music is built largely off of the jazz and rock genres, with a rolled-together genre of its own known as Syaran rock being the most prevalent in the Zaxinian Lifts. This music has its roots emerge from the planet of Zonar, where American inhabitants were inspired by the strange, zany nature of the Zaxinian Lifts world to create strange compositions that would suit its mood. Bits and pieces of the most popular songs are often utilized as elevator music or restaurant background noise. Common themical choices for the lyrics (when there are any) surround the concepts of war, courage, ambition, sorrow, and love. A highly sophisticated Syaran rock group known as the "Justice Maidens" are the Zaxinian Lifts' most popular band, having written out the large-scale composition entitled "Our Withered Cornucopia", which serves as the official main anthem for their universe.

Structurally, Zaxinian Lifts music is known for using bright tones and usually being written in the EM key. Syaran rock music is known for 5/4 time signatures, neo-classical guitar introductions, lengthy electric piano solos, expressive and extensive use of drum kick pedals, and occasional use of harps and organs. Syaran rock compositions tend to be rather long and divided into four or more movements, and many local bands that specialize in the genre tend to have quite long songs too. Songs in the Zaxinian Lifts typically feature chords that make heavy use of accidentals and don't resolve immediately to the original chord. The structure and form of the music varies slightly by the planet, with quieter worlds like Woodinn tending to feature slower-paced music with heavier use of woodwind instruments and the seas of Zonar opting to utilize guitar riffs that carry motions that resemble sea waves, in a way.

Syaran rock music - as well as other genres part of the Zaxinian Lifts - are highly enjoyed as a form of entertainment. Syara is an icon of music culture in the Zaxinian Lifts.

Variations in music across the planets

While Syaran rock is the signature music genre of the Zaxinian Lifts, its varying connected planets have different takes on the genre style and as such there are multiple subgenres formed off of it. Depending on the planet and its atmosphere, the style of the music is different.

  • Zonar: Music is particularly popular around the docks and major ports of Zonar, with sailors merrily singing the blues and groups of travelers cheerfully whistling throughout. Though Zonar's music does little to differentiate itself from the traditional Zaxinian sound, the music does carry more of a blues-influenced sound and image. Harmonicas are common to find in Zonar's music, often in place of harps and organs that define the mainland image, and said harmonicas are common to use in song intros and outros (and more rarely, solos). Songs on Zonar typically have a BPM (beats per minute) range of 80-130BPM, and work with the Em and DM keys for the most part. Music in Zonar is bright and vibrant, with music very rarely ever being heavy or guttural in sound, which is sensible due to the deep emotion often found in Zonar's tunes. Themes like war, sorrow, love, sex, and atmosphere are commonly used in Zonar songs, with lyrics often detailing Zonar culture, its landscape, or life on the seas, usually with a hint of deep emotion.
  • Hisplit: On the gloomy, doomy planet of Hisplit, music tends to take a darker turn. Influences from jazz blur out as the music becomes more of a metal militia, with pounding drums, crushing guitar riffs, and politically charged lyrics that challenge government and environmental issues but also tell horror stories in disturbingly deep detail. Songs typically start off with a small intro of sorts before ramping up in aggression and power, with song tempos commonly being very fast and each song being divided by section rather than movement. Darker chords are common in Hisplit's music, with the AM and Bm keys being popular. Though compositions are greatly inspired by heavy metal, synthesizers and trippy sci-fi sounds play a huge role in Hisplit music. Musical competitions are common on Hisplit, where viciously angry bands would challenge the ones that trend and pick on the ones that they sense as being inferior to them. As such, dual concerts are very much a thing in Hisplit, where bands would battle for the biggest audiences. During concerts, bands really let loose with their music, often having an unclean sound and incredibly fast playing that's just a side effect of heavy drug overdosage.
  • Woodinn: The shut-in, relaxing nature of Woodinn allows for very interesting music. Rock influences in the music have pretty much dissipated, with Latin and Aztec-inspired elements joining Woodinn's musical style. Harps, organs, and grand pianos are gracefully joined by congas, claves, maracas, rattles, ayotls, and teponaztlis to form the song melodies. Most songs crafted in Woodinn are religious tunes meant to flesh out stories of that world, and carry hypnotic (and often repetitive) rhythmic patterns in the song "riffs". Structures of Woodinn's songs can be compared to that of power pop music, with catchy hooks and memorable interludes as well as recognizable lyrics, and the beat of Woodinn music is often found to be between 90 and 120BPM. It is common for music in Woodinn to never really follow a specific time signature: while most of them are rather normal in Woodinn when compared to the other planets', the songs' compositions swap between at least two or three time signatures fairly common. Woodinn music is intended to evoke, inspire, or strengthen the human mind, and often plays a role in medical treatment and depression aid in the area due to Woodinn's inhabitants having great faith in their spiritual music.
  • Bitetach: Bitetach's music culture is very diverse and notably difficult to define, due to the fact that the majority of Bitetach's cities are located on enormous ships that have grown their own cultures and customs due to constant isolation. While Syaran rock is still popular in Bitetach, it has been adapted in hundreds of different ways - some ships play it real fast, others real slow, others bringing it more of a dance/tango feeling, and others bringing it a lovely pop taste. Due to the very contrasting cultures of these different cities, they often argue greatly about who's music is better and spark wars over the seas due to their different beliefs about what good music actually is. The competitive nature of some cities has led to very strange, deliberate development in their music, such as using strangely specific time signatures to throw off rivals or finding rare instruments to win over massive crowds. Instruments vary in Bitetach, though the guitar, drums, and harp are found across at least 76% of all cities, and the standard music tone is EM (with Fm and Em tones being somewhat common as well). Time signatures are typically 5/4, but the standard for each city tends to vary and some very unusual time signatures are used in very competitive places. Themes in Bitetach music surround competition, personal strength, combat, disease, and religion.


  • The strong rock prevalence in the Zaxinian Lifts' music culture reflects Athena Hawkins (tbc)' love for rock and metal music.
  • Many of the details present on the page were formed with the help of AgentMuffin (tbc).

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