Music Rabbid are sub-species of Rabbids, they are robotic orange rabbids with Keys on their back, they appear in Rock Band City in the game : Super Mario : Raving Rabbids


They look like robotic rabbids that are orange, they have 6 teeths instead of 4, it has a music note marked on it's belly, they have a key on their back, they are small that are a size of toy robots (Mini robots actually)

Game Appearances

Super Mario : Raving Rabbids

It makes it first debut here, it only appears in a world called Rock Band City, it attacks mario by yelling, causing a shockwave, to recognize this attack beginning to appear is the eye irises will turn red, it will also appear as audiences in Music Chase.


  • They don't do attacks involved around with Musics, they were originally named Mini-Rabbids but was scrapped for obvious reasons, in some other games, it will use it's music attacks

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