Mushroomba: The Adventure Begins! is a game for the Nintendo Bubble. It is the first game in the Mushroomba series.


A Goomba named Zachary is tired of working for Bowser, and decides to leave the castle with his friends Wendy and Perry. A mushroom falls on Zachary's head, giving him his nickname, Mushroomba. Once Bowser notices that Zachary and his friends are missing, he sends the Koopa Troop out to find them.



Image Description
Mushroomba Mushroomba

Mushroomba (real name Zachary) believes there is no point in trying to defeat Mario, so he ran away from the castle and decided to go on an adventure.

WendyMTAB Wendy

Wendy is a Waddlewing who is very daring and adventurous. She will do almost anything that Mushroomba says.

TBA Perry

Perry is a Piranha Plant with extremely high IQ. He is a vegetarian, so he did not like eating living things. This made him decide to go on an adventure with Mushroomba.

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