Mushroom Wish is the second episode of the television series Super Mario. It was aired on 3rd April, 2015. Despite being mentioned, none of the Koopas appear in this episode.

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The Police Guy, after giving fourty years of police service, is giving a wish by Starlow. He asks for a year off, with his wish granted. When he heads off to the seaside, however, he accidently helps out an unidentified Piranha creature, which gets stronger the more it consumes. The Police Guy calls for help. When Police Guy discovers Toadokay with a strange piranha mushroom, he asks if he can help. Toadokay opts out and denies knowing what effects the mushroom has, saying that Toadette found it.

Police Guy encounters the Piranha the next morning and almost gets grabbed by it. He takes photos of it and gives them to Peach. One of the photos shows that the piranha has garlic on it, causing Peach to get Police Guy on Wario.

Wario denies knowing any business about the creature, but explained that he saw it heading towards a jungle a few days ago. Peach and Police Guy then decided to look into the jungle but gets discovered by the creature. The creature is seen in a shed with "PYRANUR" written on the roof.

Pyranur attacks the area and notices Toadokay. The creature kidnaps Toadokay and plans on eatting him. Toadette witnesses this and tries to rescue Toadokay, but gets scared when Pyranur tries to attack her. Peach and Police Guy come over and try to attack him, but Toadette delivers the final blow. Pyranur falls into the ocean.

Toadokay thanks Toadette for saving him, but thanks Peach and Police Guy for tracking down the creature. Police Guy calls Starlow, saying he should get back on his job and returns to his schedule.

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