Mushroom Way-1

Mushroom Way-1

Mushroom Way is the first world of Newer Super Mario World U. In this world there are some big hills and a lake. There are, especially, a lot of mushroom. Roy Koopa rules this land.

1-1: Mushroom Road

A easy and simple level, featuring common enemies such as Koopa Troopas, Goombas and Piranha Plants. There are Chargin Chuck as well, and the Power-Ups in this level are going to be Super Mushroom and Fire Flower. In the background, there are some blue hills, just like Super Mario World.

1-2: Crystal's Cave

A underground level, the first one in the game. This level features mainly Piranha Plants, but there are Gloombas as well. The main Power-Up in this level is Ice Flower. There are some crystal-like platforms, and the player can stands on them.

1-3: Yoshi's Nest

The first level that features Yoshi. In this level, there will be some Eggs-like platforms, and the level features mainly Monty Moles, Hammer Bros and Chargin Chucks. In this level, the blue hills wich are featured in the background's of main levels are replaced by Yoshi's Eggs-like mountains.

1-F: Grates' Fortress

A fortress, the first one of the game, wich features some grates. the player can climbs those grates, but so do some Koopa Troopas, so be carefull! The boss of this level is Boom Boom, wich will acts just like to his first battle in SMB3. Just like to the latter, this battle takes place in a room without any danger for the player.

1-4: Dolphins' Lake

A lake-themed level. In this level, wich reminds the 1-3's SMW, there will be some dolphins who will help the player to finish the level. carefull: there will be a dangerous Porcu-Puffer, too, who will follow the player for all of the level.

1-5: The Sky of the Giant Mushrooms

This level is an athletic one. There will be a lot of giant mushrooms, and the player can stands on them. This level features basic sky-related enemies such as Paratroopas.

1-6: Pipeline Grassland

A grassland filled with Warp Pipes, with a lot of Piranha Plants and other basic enemies as well (such as Goombas and Chargin Chucks).

1-A: Roy's Bomber Airship

The first Airship level, featuring mainly Cannon's ball of every size. There will be even a special cannon wich will shoot a new type of Cannon Ball, the so-called Roy-ball (each Koopaling has, in fact, his own type of cannon ball), which will follow the player(s). The boss is Roy Koopa.

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