Mushroom Springs Studios is a game making company By ~Edinemir95!HalloweenEdi(Talk) The Company's nickname is MSS

Mushroom Springs Studios!
Mushroom Springs Logo
Mushroom Springs Studios Logo!
Type of Company Video Game Making
Founder(s) Edinemir95 (tbc)
Founded at/in 2013
Area(s) Served Europe,Japan,North America,Korea and Australia
Owner(s) Edinemir95 (tbc)


Mushroom Springs Studios Has not made that much games and is still new to the gaming -life

Here are the games!

Mario Kart Arcade GP: Cookie Edition

Balloon Bounce (JAP)

Pokemon Baby Blue

More Coming soon! Ether Mario Kart or Pokemon!

What programs does Mushroom Springs Studios use?

MSS uses only three programs to make there art which are

1.Paint Used For Balloon Bounce (JAP) boxart and Pokemon Baby Blue's in game sprites!

2.Gimp i used it only for Fieragona's anime sprite  in Pokemon Baby Blue

3.Photoshop is the one im going to use the most for my boxart and the games are Pokemon Baby Blue and for my upcoming game Super Mario World Dimensions!

Game system's upcoming!

The MicroBit! The Jump U!