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Mushroom Plains is the first world of New Super Mario Bros. PIX. It is a Simple Grassland World. This wordd has 10 levels. 7 normal levels, 1 secret level, a tower, and a castle. The tower boss is renzor & the castle boss is larry.


World 1-1, Chicken Valley


Chicken Valley

World 1-2, Shifty Cavern

World 1-A, Cheep Cheep Bridge

World 1-3, Yoshi Way

World 1-24px-Fort Icon, Renzor's Fenced Tower

Shifty Caverns

World 1-4, Cloudy Cliffs

World 1-5, Koopa Troopa Mushroom

World 1-6, Blooper Lake

​World 1-7, Piranha Plant Gardens

​World 1-Castle Icon, Larry's Throwback Castle

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