Mushroom Kingdom is the first World in New Super Mario Bros. 3. It is a grassland world containing mushroom hills and the castle of the princess. The castle boss is Roy Koopa.

There are nine levels in this world, seven are on the main path, one is an optional level, and one is a cannon level. The seven levels on the main path include five normal levels, a tower, and a castle.


Level Number Level Name Preview Description
Mushroom Plains-1 Mushroom Plains Way
A very basic level filled with common enemies like Goombas and Koopa Troopas.
Mushroom Plains-2 Piranha Plant Cave TBA An underground level with Piranha Plants and Moving Platforms.
Mushroom Plains-A Shy Guy Gardens TBA TBA
Mushroom Plains-Fort Icon Bowser Jr.'s Tightrope Tower TBA TBA
Mushroom Plains-Cannon Cannon to Jackpotville TBA TBA
Mushroom Plains-3 Super Leaf Hill TBA TBA
Mushroom Plains-4 Cheep-Cheep Lake TBA TBA
Mushroom Plains-5 Red Plant Shrooms TBA TBA
Mushroom Plains-Castle Icon Roys Snake Block Castle TBA TBA

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