The fifth world of New Super Mario Bros. ULTIMATE takes place on the moon. After defeating Iggy Koopa in World 4, Mario takes his key to World 5 and takes his rocket up there. Actually, the moon is barely in the sky, hovering for easy access.

World 5-Rocket

Mario starts out in a

World 5-1

World 5-2

World 5-3

World 5-A

World 5-4

World 5-Fortress

World 5-Ghost House

World 5-6

World 5-B

World 5-7

World 5-C

World 5-Fortress 2

World 5-8

World 5-9

Yellow Switch Palace

World 5-10

World 5-11

World 5-Fortress 3

World 5-12

World 5-13

World 5-Castle

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