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Mushroom Melee
Developer(s) Electric Enterprises
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) 3DS, Wii U
Release Date(s)
November 2013
1-4 Player

Solo, Melee, Online, Vault, Options

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting, Adventure
Series Mushroom Melee
Media Included 3DS card, Wii U Optical Disc
Mushroom Melee is a Mario game similar to the SSB games, developed by Electric Enterprises It is like a combination of the previous two series, being played like an SSB, but this time only featuring Mario characters. It has five modes to play: Solo, Melee, Online, Vault, and Options.


For movesets, go to Movesets.


Image Name Description Default Partner
Mario MM
The Mushroom Kingdom's hero is returning to fight! He uses moves such as Fireballs and Bob-Ombs to try to beat his opponents. Whether it's the kingdom's biggest threat or his own brother, Mario plans to win! He is a balanced character, good for beginners. Luigi
Luigi MM
Mario's younger brother may not look like much, but he wants to fight! Luigi likes to use some gadgets like the Poltergust 5000 to fight. He is also a balanced character like Mario, so he is a good character for beginners as well. Mario
Peach MM
Princess Peach
Even though she's a princess, that doesn't mean she can't have fun in a good ol' fight! Peach is fast and jumps higher than some other characters. She uses her parasol and Mushrooms to fight. Toad

Princess Daisy when unlocked

Toad MM
This little mushroom man is joining the fight! Like Peach, he is fast and jumps high, but is also not very strong. Also like the princess, he can use mushrooms and such in his attacks. Princess Peach

Toadette when unlocked

Yoshi MM
Everyone's favorite dinosaur (except maybe Boshi) is joining the fight! His jumps go high, because he has that flutter-jump thing. He throws eggs and is also able to carry his rivals on his back, then throw them off! Yoshi's gonna win! Bowser

Birdo when unlocked.

Bowser MM
When the Koopa King joins the fight, nothing can stop this powerhouse! Or, at least...that's what we've heard. He's very strong, but also very slow. And his jumps aren't as great as, say, Peach's. He uses Goombas and Koopas, as well as his fire-breath, in his attacks. Yoshi

Bowser Jr. when unlocked

Donkey Kong MM
Donkey Kong
The banana-snacking gorilla is going to bring the house down with his awesome moves! He can spin around with his fists swinging, or throw bananas at other players. He is about as trong as Bowser, but surprisingly fast. Diddy & Dixie
Diddy Dixie MM
Diddy & Dixie
Diddy Kong, DK's nephew, teams up with his girlfriend, Dixie. They use Peanut Popguns and bananas to attack.

They fight like the Ice Climbers in Brawl, side by side. Their Up attack requires both of them. If one dies, it cannot be preformed. They are lightweight characters who run rather fast and jump about a medium height.

Donkey Kong
Wario MM
Everyone's favorite greedy overweight wants more coins than anyone else! He plans to use that muscle to steal everyone else's money! Oh, yeah, and to win the fight. But mostly he wants the big bunches of CASH!! Waluigi
Waluigi MM
Luigi's counterpart/rival is wanting to fight! He uses Bob-Ombs, a tennis racket, and maybe even Piranha Plants to fight! He jumps high and runs fast, but not very much in strength. Wario
Electric Enterprises
Active projects Rocky's Super Smash Bros. 1st Priority

Epic Warriors 2nd Priority

Nintendo RACEWAY 3rd Priority

Paper Luigi: The Watch of Eternity '4th Priority

Bagon Bacon: The Game 5th Priority

Complete projects Cube Hoppers
Projects on Hiatus Koopa Farm

Super Mario Dimensional

Yoshi Quest 3D

Quest of the Ninja

Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions

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Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pokémon Kalos Camp

Mushroom Melee

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Mario Kart Accelerated

Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo

Super Mario: Galactic Journey

Jack Hammer

Projects to Give Away Yoshi Kart: Eggstraveganza!

Cheese Cryptors

Projects Cancelled Darmanitan Slam Party

Gumball & Mint: The Golden Chocolates

Bacon Warriors

Elite Fighters

Projects Planned NinJon 2

Return of the Epic Warriors


Animal Crossing: U Play (tentative title)

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