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World 1: Mushroom Meadows

A peaceful meadow with green, dark trees with light green circled leaves, making them resamble mushrooms. Peach's Castle and a waterfall is just right with it. The ememy coruse is a Goomba it also contains 8 levels. Larry [Cheasty] Koopa rules this world.


1-1 Waddlewing Way The first level in the game, where Goombas, Waddlewings, Koopa Troopas, Hammer Bros., Hammer Bros. and Piranna Plants are intrdouced.
1-2 Chargin Chuck's Cristal Cavern The first underground level with Chargin Chucks, Piranna Plants, Pow Blocks and the Mega Mushroom.
1-3 Yoshi Hill
1-Fortess Swingback Fortess
1-4 Aareil Heghits
1-A Pirrana Plant's Pipe Maze
1-5 Tropical Dock
1-Castle Larry's Soccer-Bomb Highway

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