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Mushroom Mania is a collaboration game of practically every installment from the ever popular Super Mario series.

Mushroom Kingdom Mania


Art Name No. of Players Description
MMM Fantasy Mode 1 Player(s) Choose your character, and take them on a five-level adventure based on their origins and personality.
Copy (6) of MMM Sports Mix Mode 1-4 Player(s) Enjoy your favorite Mario Sports games with your friends or family!
Copy (4) of MMM Kart Mode 1-4 Player(s) Let's A-Go Play Mario Kart! Every coarse in Mario Kart History is available (including the coarses from Diddy Kong Racing!)
Copy (9) of MMM Theme Park Mode 1-5 Player(s) Enjoy twelve fantastic and fun mario-themed events with friends or family in this mode.
Copy of MMM Battle Mode 1-2 Player(s) Why play anything else? Punch the lights of famous mario characters as your favorite mario characters here!
Copy (7) of MMM Party Mode 1-5 Player(s) Re-visit all of the Mario Party Classics in this mode.
Copy (5) of MMM Museum Mode 1 Player(s) take a look at pieces of mario history that you've collected in this little mode.
Copy (8) of MMM Olympic Mode 1-4 Player(s) As if it wasn't bad enough when you were doing it with Sonic and friends, Compete in the olympic games here.
Copy (2) of MMM Sound Test Mode 1 Player(s) Listen to your favorite Soundtrack/Sounds in this little mode.
Copy (3) of MMM Boss Battle Mode 1-2 Player(s) Fight mighty foes here!

Playable Characters

Default Partner 1. Default Partner 2.
Copy (2) of MKM PC Copy (3) of MKM PC
Copy (4) of MKM PC Copy (5) of MKM PC
Copy (6) of MKM PC Copy (7) of MKM PC
Copy (8) of MKM PC Copy (9) of MKM PC
Copy (10) of MKM PC Copy (11) of MKM PC
Copy (12) of MKM PC Copy (13) of MKM PC
MMBoo MM (1)
MM (2) MM (3)
MM (4) MM (5)
MM (6) MM (7)
MM (8) MM (9)
MM (10) MM(11)
MM (12) MM (12)


The Bosses of the Final Product will each rival the playable characters

Shadow Mario King Boo Hissocrit
Wart Monty Bossblob Baby Bowser
Kamek King Bob-Omb Gruntilda
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