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Mushroom Kingdom Warfare is a game by Spritez Inc. please do not edit unless you are on the permission list.
Permission= No One

Mushroom Kingdom Warfare
is an upcoming game by Spritez Inc.. It will be for the DS+.


The game makes full use of the DS+'s three screens, it has a Game Screen, a Map Screen, and a Status Screen. On the Game Screen, you use your Stylus to command your army. On the Map Screen, there's a map that shows the locations of your Troops, vehicles, and Structures. And on the Status Screen, you check the Status of the object you've selected, and, if it's a Soldier unit, change what weapon it's holding. At the start of the game, you select a side, Koopas or Toads.


It was a typical day in the Mushroom Kingdom, the Koopa Army had been quiet for a few days, but no one worried. Suddenly, Bowser and his army attacked, Mario gathered the Toad Army and they prepared to defend their kingdom.


See Mushroom Kingdom Warfare/weapons


See Mushroom Kingdom Warfare/structures


Toad Army

See Mushroom Kingdom Warfare/units/toads

Koopa Army

See Mushroom Kingdom Warfare/units/koopas

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