Mushroom Kingdom Tactics is a game for the Nintendo 3DS. The release date and rating are unconfirmed, though.

As with the word "tactics" in the title, this is a Mario game that sorta parodies Final Fantasy Tactics, in that it uses the same battle system, and some enemies from the Final Fantasy series will appear in a feature called "Parody Attack Events".



  • Mario (All-Around stats and starts off Lv. 3, completely unarmed; first playable in intro; signature move is Plumber Spin; knows Jump and Fire Orb)
  • Luigi (High Speed and Magic Attack stats but low Attack; average Defense, Range, and Magic Defense. Starts off Lv. 6, completely unarmed; second playable in intro; signature move is Super Jump(unable to perform until Luigi rejoins at Lv. 10 so don't bother grinding to learn it!). Knows Jump, Green Flame, Thunderrrrr, and Jumpa(renaming of the SMRPG: LotSS version of Super Jump); and when rejoining at Lv. 10 will have learned his signature move and Green Ice(in some cutscenes he will cast this as a lime-flavored popsicle), and will be equipped with a Hammer)
  • Yoshi (High Speed, Magic Attack, Defense, Magic Defense and Range, but low Attack; starts off Lv. 1, completely unarmed; third playable in intro but first in prologue; signature moves are Snack(initial), Egg(initial), Eggra(Lv. 3), Dino-Feast(Lv. 6), Party Feast(Lv. 10), Egga(Lv. 14), Fire Egg(Lv. 18), Frozen Egg(Lv. 30), and Shocking Yolk(Lv. 33)

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